Woman Gives Birth After Discovering She Has An Inoperable Brain Tumour When She Was 20 Weeks Pregnant

A woman has given birth after discovering she has an inoperable brain tumour when she was 20 weeks pregnant. A normal person during pregnancy has worked hard and tried a lot. But the mother below is even more admirable, when carrying a dangerous disease. While fighting the disease, trying to save life for the child.

Although 29-year-old Laura Mahon has been given two years to live, she insists that she is trying to endure for her family, including her new baby.

Laura and Danny first realised something was wrong when Laura woke up and couldn’t move her toes. She was sent for an MRI scan by her GP who thought her baby could be pressing against a nerve

Following an MRI scan she was told she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and at 27 weeks pregnant her condition began to deteriorate.

On November 30, 2021 Lauda and her husband made the difficult decision to have a cesarean section at 30 weeks of pregnancy. Sienna Grace Laura Mahon was born – weighing just 3.4lbs. Following which Sienna was taken to the neonatal ward where she was placed in an incubator.

In another tragic turn, their daughter then developed a collapsed lung and was transferred to Royal Oldham Hospital for specialised care.

Laura said: “It was such a shock, I’m only 29 and didn’t think something like this could happen to me. I was so focused on the baby, but I was getting more poorly.

“I see others with GBMs who manage to live longer, so I am clinging to the idea that I might be one of those people. I’m fighting as hard as I can and I’m staying strong for my family.”

On December 9, Laura was re-examined and found that the tumor had increased in size and could not be operated on because it was located in an unsafe location for removal.

After tests she was told it was stage 4 brain cancer – and she had only two years to live. After the unfortunate news, Laura decided there were still some things she wanted to do, including marrying Danny, and on January 6, 2022.

The day after the wedding, the couple registered the birth of Sienna

Incredibly, after radiation therapy in early April, MRI scans showed that the tumor had stabilized and even shrunk. After a while, she was discharged from the hospital, although her health condition was not really stable.

Laura recounted: “It felt so surreal, like I was living two separate lives – things all looked fine, like we were a happy family, then I would remember how poorly I am. But it’s so special having Sienna with us, it’s like what we had originally envisaged.”

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