Triplet Mom Gives Birth To Her Own Triplets

Judit Minda was extremely thrilled when she got the results of her pregnancy test, and it was positive. Her joy soon turned to shock, though.

A few weeks into her pregnancy, she had her first ultrasound scan and found out she was carrying not one, but three children!

She was terrified and perplexed because she thought about all the issues that could arise during a pregnancy with triplets. She would soon become a mother of triplets.

Speaking about the moment that she and her partner, Glenn, got the news about the triplets, she said:

“I did not dare to look at Glenn, so I never got to see his facial expression, but I felt that he got frozen, panicked and shocked, once we got out of the doctor’s room he could barely speak, mainly because he had never seen me crying like that.”

Minda’s mindset changed when she began thinking about how much she loved being a triplet. Having triplets ensured that her children will share the same special relationship with their siblings that she and her two sisters do.

After they got over the shock of the news, Minda and Glenn were faced with a new challenge as Minda has tachycardia, a condition that left her with a weakened heart.

The doctors were skeptical as to whether she would be able to bear the strain of carrying three children and advised her to remove one fetus. However, the couple decided not to – they wanted to keep all three children.

The mom realized that a triplet pregnancy would be exceedingly tough—not merely owing to the physical toll of bearing three babies at once, but also because multiple pregnancies come with considerable hazards.

Minda’s pregnancy wasn’t easy as she struggled with breathing problems and nausea. However, her children were developing fine, and the delivery day came.

Minda gave birth to her three children – Filip, Amelia and Henrik – and they were all very healthy, even though they needed feeding tubes and a special bed to keep them warm.

Although Filip, who was the firstborn, struggled with tachycardia for two weeks, that was it: All three children are growing up quite nicely.

“Becoming a first time mother to three little babies has made me a different person,” Minda wrote on Instagram.

“I have fallen in love, irrevocably, I have become responsible for little creatures who are absolutely dependent on me, for the first time in my life experienced depression, and a certain desire of wanting to be a better version of myself in order to be able to raise self confident and happy kiddos.”

Her two sisters help with her triplets, too.

“Having them by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone,” she wrote.

“No matter what life will bring, I will always have two amazing [people] to count on.”

Minda said taking care of three babies is a lot of stress, but it is worth it, especially when she sees them smile or giggle. She plans not to make the same mistakes her parents did with her and her sisters.

It is amazing that Minda accomplished such a remarkable feat. Hopefully, her triplet experience will make her a superior mom.

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