Ways To Refuse Inappropriate Requests From Reasonable Children

Parents are particularly concerned about two age groups: toddlers and teenagers. If you’re a first-time parent trying out various parenting methods, you’ve probably noticed that kids don’t take “No” well. They will act in a way that you find objectionable as soon as you say no, as if they must trouble you. But occasionally, especially when working with anything hazardous, this might become a bother. According to experts, if a term is used seldom, its meaning can change, and your youngster may fail to listen your cautions. Here are some techniques for telling your child no without having them firmly reject the term.

1.Food Is For Eating, Not For Tossing

Inform your children that while they will receive a reward, it will be a healthier choice. Children frequently play with their food when they are still full from a prior meal. After that, the food is changed into a toy. Take the bowl of mac and cheese away from your child and explain why they shouldn’t hurl food instead of shouting at them for doing so.

2.Beds Are For Resting, Not For Jumping

When your child begins to bounce on the bed in the middle of the night, you can calmly explain this to them. Before they go to bed, praise them for their good behavior if they down a glass of milk without objecting. It is imperative to draw their attention away from irritating you and toward getting some slumber.

3.Be Gentle To Plants And Animals

Remind your youngster that plants and animals are also living if they are destroying priceless flowers or pulling the tail of a family pet. “When you hurt a flower, you stunt its growth.” Your child’s ability to empathize and understand the feelings of others will benefit from this. Give the child the responsibility of teaching them to appreciate nature in general as well as plants in particular.

4.Can You Give The Phone To Mommy? This Toy Is Yours To Keep

Your toddler may want to touch your iPhone at the grocery store every time it rings, but it is not a toy. Instead, give your child a modest, interesting toy the next time they reach for the phone. It’s simpler for kids to substitute a habit than to forget it.

5.I love ice cream – but eating too much is not good

Parents may say no to junk food demands like cream and candies by suggesting a healthy option like yogurt. However, avoid the “perhaps tomorrow” promise. Because toddlers have trouble understanding time, telling them when they will receive ice cream in the future is pointless. Most babies just want whatever they want whenever they want, so parents must serve the nutritious food calmly, firmly, and lovingly, despite the toddler’s protests.

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