Newborn Baby With 3 Heads Was Born, Indian Villagers Bowed Down For The Incarnation Of The God

The entire family was shocked when an Indian mother recently gave birth to a baby with three heads. Following the news’s dissemination, several villagers referred to the infant as an incarnation of the gods and knelt down to pray. According to the material published, Ragini, the mother from the state of Uttar Pradesh, had an entirely normal pregnancy and found nothing unusual when she visited the hospital for a prenatal examination. Ragini unexpectedly gave birth to a child with three heads on the day of the delivery, startling the entire family.

Compared to three children, a lot of individuals exist. Both mother and child are currently in good health, and both are in their homes in Uttar Pradesh without incident.

The infant appears to have a typical torso and limbs from the fast photo, but there are two other small heads behind the main one that have hair that appears to be fairly heavy. The baby’s back of the head had to be taken care of when being relocated, the family claimed, to prevent injury. When the two extra heads were pressed on, the baby did not appear to experience any pain or discomfort.

Locals referred to the boy as a god or a god reincarnated as word of the three-headed newborn spread.  They flocked to my house to be blessed. The mother said she found the crowd too annoying.

Earlier, in Αpril this year, a woman in the state of Odisha, India gave birth to a baby girl with two heads and three arms. 2 fully developed heads, can eat and breathe separately.

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