The Pictures Capture The Scene Where The Father And Son Cry While Holding The Miraculous Baby And It Is So Powerful

Recently, everyone has witnessed an emotional reaction of the father, and the son when meeting the new member of the family. The little girl was born like a miracle. The photos and videos quickly went viral, bringing millions to tears. Those precious moments are posted on social media accounts, and filmed by the father. It attracted a lot of interest, and thousands of comments left.

According to the information on the posts, their newborn baby girl is a miracle, for which the family has been praying for so long. Finally the prayer was answered. Prudencio Neto of Brazil and his wife Karolinne, did not think they could have any more children. Because after the birth of his first son, it became difficult to get pregnant to have another baby, and his wife became infertile. But the happiness came unexpectedly, the little princess miraculously came to them.

When they feel that having another child is impossible, the mother does not give up hope. She always prayed to God to heal her. My wife and I want our David to have another brother, so we can play, talk and love each other. Unlike other couples, instead of choosing medical intervention, the couple turned to prayer. Ask for help and support from god.

Every day they pray that Jesus heals João and gives them another child. And finally, those prayers finally came true, João’s family had another child.

When posting pictures of his newborn daughter and son, the father once said: ”After giving birth to my first child, David, I became infertile and very sad. I had to end the fun and multiply fatherhood to many children because I had no sperm left. My wife, she is very healthy and normal, she always wishes to have another child. But now I can’t do that. Until my husband and I prayed for many years, Jesus heard and healed. He gave me health so that I could have more children with my wife.

Giovanna’s birth is a blessing not only for our family but also for all those who dream of one day living the miracle that only Jesus can do. We pray every day for a miracle. I was able to become a father again without any artificial procedure. Glory to God! All this emotion is for miracles to be performed; my wife is very healthy and happy!”

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