Top 8 Popular Girls’ Names Over Past Century

The United States’ Social Security Administration compiled a list of the top 100 given names from 1915 to 2014 along with the number of times each name was given during that time, taking into account the 167,106,197 female births that occurred during that period. Only 10 girl’s names have topped the list so far. While several stayed in the same position for years, others fluctuated in popularity and rankings throughout time yet still managed to win the top spot in 2017. Here are the top 10 names according to the number of females who went by them in 2014–2015, as determined by data from the US Social Security Administration:


The name Mary is mainly a New Testament name. The name is also known as the “mother of all girls’ names” in English-speaking nations, in addition to standing for the Mother of Jesus Christ. When the SSA began keeping records in 1880, it occupied the top spot and remained there until the 1940s. Later, it experienced a decline and reached a low of 120 in 2014. However, since the appearance of Lady Mary in “Downtown Abbey,” the popularity has increased once more.


Patricia is of Latin origin derived from the word ‘patrician’ that mean ‘noble’. It was the second most popular name for girls in the US as per the 1990 Census. In last year’s chart it took the second slot.


The actress Jennifer Jones helped the name Jennifer, which is Welsh in origin, become more well-known. The name gained notoriety when the movie “Love Story” came out in 1970. Between 1970 and 1984, Jennifer topped the list for nearly 14 years. Evidently, no name has ever before represented a whole generation of girls or spread like this one did. In the US, there were 859,112 Jennifers at the time this name was at the top.


With its origins in English and Swiss origins. It became famous after Elisabeth I ascended the throne. Elisabeth has shorter versions as Lizzie or Liz. But most parents prefer their daughter be called Lisa over the other two shorter versions.


In 1947, Linda overtook Mary in popularity. It remained in the top slot for six straight years and stayed in the top ten until 1966. One doesn’t know if its popularity can be alluded to actress Linda Darnell. In 1947, there were 99,680 baby girls born who were given this name.


The name Barbara is Latin and Greek in origin, and it means “foreign.” In the 1930s, it was one of the most often used names in the US. It came in second to Mary in the 1940s. Another well-known saint from the third century is Barbara, who is the protector of individuals who work with artillery, architects, geologists, and mathematicians.


Susan has been derived from English Susannah and Hebrew Soshana or Shoshannah meaning a lily or a rose. The name was at the peak of its popularity in 1955 in the United States with 47,364 baby girls were named Susan.


Margaret has been derived from the Greek word Maragon for ‘pearl’. It is a classic name used for saints and queens. Margaret is still the Scottish national name. It is an important family name for several people. It was also the first name of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of Britain. The modern version of the name has been reduced to Maggie or Meg.

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