Couple Who Spent Over £20,000 Completing Dream Family Welcome Twins Through IVF

After three years of unsuccessful natural conception, Leicester residents Annie and Glenn Goodwin began their IVF journey in 2017. After a terrible miscarriage, a couple invested more than £20,000 to complete their dream family, and through IVF, they welcomed twins. After three years of unsuccessful natural conception, Leicester residents Annie and Glenn Goodwin began their IVF journey in 2017.

After successfully completing their first round of free IVF from the NHS, Annie, 33, gave birth to Grayson, who is now three, in April 2018. In 2019, the couple paid for a second round of IVF since they were desperate to have more children. Unfortunately, the pregnancy miscarried, breaking the family’s hearts. Annie and Glenn made the decision to spend a stunning £17,000 on an assisted reproductive procedure, with the understanding that they would receive a refund if it didn’t work out. The family finally had the family of their dreams after welcoming twins Olive and Beauden on May 25 despite borrowing.

“We’ve been trying to have a baby for three years, but it hasn’t happened to us, so we went to the doctor and discovered Glenn had low sperm morphology owing to taking the pill,” said Annie, store manager. I had PCSO and epilepsy. We had a little boy after a successful initial IVF, but we both knew we wanted a large family. We tried again after a year, but this time we had to pay to use our stored embryos. The first time, it was successful, but in March 2019, I miscarried at seven weeks. Since you found out you were pregnant on the first day, I was totally invested, and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced, it was really heartbreaking through.”

“It really blew me away and I don’t know if I could do it again but I knew I wanted my family to grow so we tried again and it didn’t work out – I think that’s it.

“We took out a loan and we lost a lot of money, so we decided to use the fertility outreach program, which gives you unlimited use for two years, and if it fails, you will get a refund but it worked.

“We put two embryos back and they both survived and we gave birth to twins.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling that we finally have the family of our dreams and the twins have truly completed us.”

Annie and Glenn, a successful client executive, sacrificed their honeymoon and all of their wedding funds to pay for the reproductive treatment. We invested all of our funds in IVF since it is what we desire above all else, Annie stated. As we must take out a sizable loan, participating in a reproductive outreach program gives us the security of knowing that we will get our money back if it doesn’t work out. I’ve always wanted a large family because I come from a large family, and although I was happy to get my kid, you can never stop wanting more. Greyson gets along well with them since he is intelligent, considerate, and enjoys leading eldest.

For those who are having trouble conceiving, see your doctor as soon as possible. You don’t choose to be infertile, so if you think there’s a problem, get those tests and go that route ASAP. IVF is one of the most heartbreaking and exhausting things you can go through but it’s worth it in the end.

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