Woman, 26, Is Now A Mother-Of-Six After Falling Pregnant With Triplets Despite Having The Contraceptive Coil

Unable to see her baby for days following an emergency caesarean section during the lockdown, a mother-of-three who was astonished to learn she was expecting triplets despite using an IUD. radiate. A son named Arjan and two daughters named Kiren and Kirit were born on April 4 to Burton, Staffordshire, native Bethany Smith, 26, and her girlfriend Kay Singh, 38. Bethany, a student teacher and part-time hairdresser who is the mother of Reuben, 7, Pria, 6, and Mari, 4, decided against trying for additional children and implanted a coil device.

The intrauterine device (IUD), often known as the IUD, is a tiny, T-shaped device that a doctor or nurse inserts into the uterus. It is made to prevent conception for five to ten years by releasing copper, which makes it tougher for sperm to reach the egg and survive. The news that Bethany and Kay were expecting triplets came as a major surprise because neither of them had many children in their family. The three infants needed immediate artificial breathing because their lungs were too frail when they were born at the Royal Derby Hospital at just 31 weeks. As a result of the potential for catching Covid-19, the pair was separated from their cubs upon delivery and was unable to visit them for a number of days.

The three infants spent three weeks in the hospital; Arjan weighed 3 lb 5 oz, Kiren 3 lb 4 oz, and Kirit 3 lb 9 oz. It was very dreadful, Bethany told The Derby Telegraph. Due of their breathing apparatus, I was unable to visit the girls for two days. We have to put on masks, gowns, and gloves, and only one parent is allowed to visit each day. It’s quite bizarre and not what you expect. Because of Covid-19, the joy of having a child has been completely destroyed. We are unable to act as typical parents would.

When Bethany was 26 weeks pregnant and about to give birth, she had a panic attack. She was brought to a hospital in London, where happily they were able to stop it. Following the birth, the trio stayed in the hospital for three weeks before being allowed to go home.

Kay said it was ‘heartbreaking’ that all three were taken to neonatal intensive care and he and Bethany had to visit them separately. We can’t kiss them and it’s very difficult. It’s been a really tough and stressful couple of weeks,’ he admitted.

Kay said the triplets were an “absolute miracle”, adding: “Luckily they survived. Now they were born in the midst of this pandemic,’ he said. is said to be making great progress.

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