The 17-Year-Old Mother Has 4 Children And Is Now Pregnant With Triplets

At the age of 17, how will she manage the care of seven children? How will they mature? What kind of individuals will they grow to be? Raising seven children will be a huge hardship for her given that they only receive £80 in social welfare per month. She appears to be a proud adolescent in the family photo with her brother and six sisters. However, they did not anticipate that Argentine young master Pamela Villarruel would be the mother of these 7 kids. And when she was 17 years old, she gave birth to all of them.

Pamela Villarruel has more children than any other teenage mother in the world, and doctors have described her as “scientifically rare”. She gave birth to a son at the age of 14, then had two triplets in two years.

Pamela’s partner’s decision to leave her when she was just a baby and discovered she was pregnant caught everyone off guard. When they learned the news, her parents were shocked and dismayed as well, but they eventually agreed and supported their daughter in raising the younger siblings. Everyone anticipated that this would be a costly lesson for the girl, but a year later, she became pregnant once more. It was a different man this time. When the physicians realized she was expecting multiple children, the astonishment was even greater. She is going to have triplets.

When Pamela was a little child and unexpectedly became pregnant, her spouse chose to leave her. When they learned the news, her parents were as shocked and, but in the end they accepted and assisted their daughter in raising the younger siblings. Despite everyone’s expectations, this was not the pricey lesson this girl needed to learn since a year later, she became pregnant once more. This time, a different individual did it. When the doctors found she was expecting multiple children, they were even more shocked. Triplets are on the way for her.


As it turned out, the father abandoned the kids and fled. Pamela had seven children with three different men four years after her first pregnancy, and none of them desired to be the parents. There isn’t enough money in the family’s budget to cover basic expenses plus the needs of so many kids. Seven kids grew up without a father figure in extremely unstable circumstances.

Pamela, just 17, said: “They are my little miracles. It’s tiring, but the most important thing is that all of my kids are happy and healthy. I will be the best mother I can be.” Fortunately, the city council has facilitated things a bit, providing a stipend to feed their children, including some diapers that are sure to have a mitigating effect.

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