Surrogate Mother, 56, Gives Birth To Daughter’s Triplets

The oldest lady to give birth to triplets is now 56 years old, but the children are actually her grandkids. In order to help her daughter Kim, who struggled with infertility following a hysterectomy, Jaci Dalenberg took on the role of a surrogate mother. Kim has since given birth to three infants, each weighing less than 3 pounds, one minute apart. Ellie, Gabriella, and Carmina, the three girls who underwent an emergency Caesarean delivery and were taken to intensive care, have all recovered.

36-year-old Kim Coseno gave birth to a son and a daughter during her first marriage. Joe wanted children when she remarried, though. The only problem was that Kim could no longer get pregnant. But after having a hysterectomy seven years prior to treat cysts and fibroids, the mother-of-two was unable to conceive. Before Jaci intervened, the desperate couple tried surrogacy and international adoption after two failed adoptions and consideration of surrogacy.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, where Jaci and Kim had IVF, say Jaci is in perfect shape for her age. Kim underwent IVF at the Cleveland Clinic, where eggs from her remaining ovary were fertilized by Joe’s sperm. But in 2012, Emily Jordan’s 53-year-old mother conceived her children. They say that mothers and daughters have a special bond, and I think these two families prove it.

Due to her advanced age, her number of attempts also increased. It took her three attempts before Kim’s egg was successfully implanted in her mother’s womb on April 5 of this year. So happy when she was 10 weeks pregnant, she learned that she was carrying three babies, not one as she thought. Due to her advanced age and many pregnancies, she was forced to have a cesarean section on October 11, two months before her due date.

“When the babies were born, I was ecstatic. The hardest part was getting them into the hospital after I was taken out four days after giving birth. She added: “I don’t seem like I want to take care of the babies myself. ‘I’ve lifted four beautiful babies before. ‘My here, we’re here as parents is over. I’m a grandma. theirs and I have no intention of getting pregnant again!”

It’s the most admirable thing a mother could do for her daughter, anyone would say. Of course, we’ll tell each woman how she was born because I want them to understand what an extraordinary thing their grandmother did for the entire family. I want children to know how unique they are and how everything about their uncommon origins came to be.

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