Most Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

Each of us knows, when getting married, the next happiest and wonderful thing is knowing that you are pregnant with your child. It is a bliss, a wonderful little part of you that you will love for the rest of your life. However, the process of being pregnant for nine months and 10 days is not easy, it takes love, determination and perseverance. Make the road to meet your beloved less difficult. Here are the wonderful things about pregnancy, let’s explore it together for a healthy pregnancy.

Everyone’s attention

You will bask in the excitement of your parents when they aspire to become grandparents. You are treated like a fragile flower, like your parents rushing around taking care of you for nine months. People always care about your feelings, don’t make you sad or feel lonely.

Comfortable clothes anytime, anywhere

No need to wear all those uncomfortable clothes anymore just to look trendy. When you are pregnant, what you need most is comfort and so is your baby. Comfortable clothes will help your baby develop easily, without being constrained.

The belly will gradually get bigger

As the gestational age increases, your belly also grows larger. Your weight also increases due to the growth of the baby, and the amount of amniotic fluid to help the baby grow easily in the belly. You will look very beautiful with dresses or maternity clothes.

Massage all the time

It becomes acceptable to spend large sums of money on massages while you are pregnant. But if we don’t have enough money, we should ask our relatives. Gently massage the spots where you feel tired and need support. I’m sure these little help will make my family’s relationship much better.


Sometimes during pregnancy, you always have leg cramps, it can happen even when you are sleeping. Don’t worry because this is a common phenomenon among pregnant women. Ask your loved ones to massage right away, you will feel better.


During pregnancy, the hormones in the body will change, so the body has not yet adapted. You will have acne on your face, or on your body. Don’t worry too much, when the pregnancy is over, our hormones will gradually stabilize. And then we can have a normal beautiful birth to go with our children to the places we want.


Morning sickness is a characteristic phenomenon of pregnancy, but not everyone has the same morning sickness. Some people only swallow for 1 to 2 months, but there are mothers who swallow until they give birth. So try to eat, get enough rest to have enough strength and have a healthy pregnancy.

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