Some Things To Do Before Your Child Grows up

When the child was still in the womb, the parents were busy with the birth plan, worrying about the appearance of the little angel so smoothly. Then when the baby is born, I worry about how to take care of the newborn baby properly. All the time you spend with your child, the first birthday, then the second birthday. You and your child grew up together, and have formed the same routines. When children are 1 year old, they begin to observe and learn what adults do. At this stage, children start a lot of new things such as getting up and walking, talking, expressing emotions when happy or not. So don’t let your child’s golden years slip away, let’s take a look at some of the things to do when your baby is one year old. Something that only comes once in a lifetime and never comes back again.


Many times the baby is fussy and constantly sucking, the continuous feeding will not be good because being too full will make the baby vomit. Or when you are busy to make your baby obedient and stop crying, the pacifier is always the first choice. But a pacifier is like a mother, it should only be used for a certain period of time. You do not let the child depend on anything, when there is no item, it is not good for the child to cry. Your infant has a sucking reflex that needs to be satisfied by constant sucking. But now that they are no longer babies, pacifiers can retire. As they grow, their sucking reflex diminishes but they can become dependent on pacifiers. So dealing with them when they have a tantrum becomes more difficult without it in sight.

2.Private bedroom

If your babies are sleeping in the same bed as you, it’s time to get them into the habit of sleeping alone. But first, you should not rush your baby to another room, because doing so will scare the baby with the sudden change. Get your baby out of the crib and start being independent. When your baby is used to sleeping alone, then you should separate the room to help him. This is both healthy for you and your baby. This is an important milestone in your parenting journey as you also regain some of your personal space. Each family has their own way of transitioning to separate rooms and beds, which is perfectly fine. As long as the goal is achieved!

3.Get rid of unnecessary toys

Even though you invested a lot of money on them, your youngster is becoming less interested in multi-sensory wrinkling toys. And soon they won’t be thinking about them at all. When they put themselves in the position of a child, they will seek out more entertaining and challenging items to play with. So the vehicle seat’s creaking noise won’t keep the cut open for very long. Start packing up the toys as one action you can take to get yourself and your child ready for this new stage of life. If you want to have additional kids, you can store them or give them away.

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