A Mother Who Is A Photographer Captures The Moment Her Son Was Born

A 29-year-old wedding photographer from Hamburg, New York, Megan Mattiuzzo. She recently moved viewers with her gorgeous social media posts of the moment her first kid was born. The mother-of-one revealed that she snapped the breathtaking photos of the birth of her baby herself as she pushed him into the world and shared them with the world.

Megan revealed that she wanted to capture the moment her son was born from her own perspective while she was lying on the birthing bed. She had a couple of photographer friends who offered to be in the room with her and her husband to take pictures of the birth, but she had a different idea. She said: “I wanted a photograph and it would be from my perspective, from what I saw, my son’s first breaths and his first look in the world.

Everyone thought I was out of the ordinary, and my friends even offered to take pictures of the birth for me so I wouldn’t have to, but I refused. Despite my best efforts, my epidural is not functioning properly. I’m not sure if I can pull this off.

But with one more push on the day of her 12-hour birth, Mattuizzo grabbed her camera and took some very amazing pictures of her brand-new kid from the boy’s mother’s perspective. The results, according to Mattiuzzo, left her “overwhelmed with happiness” when she saw them after the birth. Megan claims that the focus has helped her ignore the labor pains.

“That’s my son; he belongs to me. How I felt when I witnessed his birth is beyond words. You hug your 9-month-old belly and struggle to picture what a baby will look like before, at last, a healthy baby materializes in front of you. I feel ecstatic within. The goal, however, and the journey to this point have not been simple.

Everything in preparation for the due date was thoroughly checked, and the device was given to her husband to keep while she gave birth. On the day of her birth, some complications, which she hadn’t thought of, made planning much more difficult. Sometimes I look at my husband and say, can you do it? And luckily I did, I balanced the camera on my stomach, looked into the viewfinder and started shooting. First you see the top of his head… then his hands… amazing, I call it the ‘Simba moment’.

Having these unique birth photographs, Mattiuzzo continued, has led her to realize that her idea wasn’t after all “a foolish request.” Any pregnant woman who is inspired by the notion but is not a trained photographer is advised to be completely prepared to take part in the birth. She did, however, clarify that the pictures “don’t have to be beautiful.”

But it is a precious image that I can save for her, a gift when she grows up. Let me know that to get to this day, what moments you and I have gone through.

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