Newborn Twin Looks for Late Brother in Heartbreaking Photo: ‘Felt Like He Was Watching Over Her

A newborn photo of a newborn baby girl gazing at an empty crib with a blue blanket and angel wings representing her stillborn twin brother has gone viral quickly and the mother of the pair has gone viral. The twins want it to spread awareness and hope. Heather Bowman, 39, of St. “For me, it’s important to talk and not feel alone,” says Louis. “Being pregnant with ʟᴏss is a very personal journey.” Bowman, 39, contacted photographer Jessica Young to photograph the newborn after adopting her daughter Leti, according to Today. Young then asked them to take a photo in memory of Leti’s late brother, who passed away when Bowman was 18 weeks pregnant.

In the picture Young posted online, Leti, wrapped in a pink blanket and laying in a wooden cradle, looked at another cradle holding a blue blanket and a set of angel wings, signifying her deceased twin. The ends of the pink and blue blankets are emotionally entwined. “A few weeks ago, this sweet girl came to see me in my studio. James, her identical twin, lost tragically while she was 18 weeks pregnant. James Young wrote an emotive message for the picture in order to recognize their shared twin link. Young told Today that when Bowman first approached her about newborn photos, “I knew I wanted to do something unique for her. The concept of knitting the blankets together appeals to me much. That, in my opinion, is what connects them,” she shared.

Bowman found the concept for the picture to be “wonderful,” but she was moved to tears when Leti abruptly switched her attention to James’ crib. She was fixated on that location. It seems as though he is with her and keeping an eye on her, according to Bowman. “I am very fortunate to have captured this moment,” I thought. Bowman, who opened out about her challenging pregnancy journey, claimed that even though she had not met a partner, she started trying to conceive at the age of 36 because she did not want to miss the chance to “be a mother.” Even though Bowman was pregnant right away, she was hurt. She became pregnant with twins after undergoing another round of IUI, however she went into early childbirth and the twins did not survive.

“There are women who are diagnosed and they are hopeless,” she said. “If you advocate for yourself, ask the right questions and find the right doctor, you can achieve your dream and my dream to be a mother.” “They exist. They are my children,” she shared.

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