Mum Who Spent More Than £30,000 On IVF Falls Pregnant At The Same Time As Surrogate

Healer and medium of spirit When Margo first met the artist Ian in 2012, their friendship quickly developed into a sexual relationship. Before getting married in 2019, they moved lived together in 2014 and started trying to get pregnant. However, the couple’s dramatic six-year road to parenthood has been a painful one. Before their wishes came true, Margo and Ian, ages 43 and 50, respectively, had numerous miscarriages and full-term stillbirths. Margo explains, “We had no idea how challenging the road to parenting would be.

It has been an incredible adventure, and we are very pleased to be parents, said Margo, who is now the mother of Sofia and Austin, who are both 22 months old. In 1997, I experienced my first stillbirth; my child was born at 27 weeks and only survived for 12 hours. We lost seven battles to our double rainbow kids after we met Ian. Before getting pregnant with our son Olivier, who was tragically stillborn at 41 weeks, we suffered through five losses. After that, we experienced another loss before giving up. The doctors were unable to explain to me why the miscarriages persisted. It is awful beyond belief. Following a loss, the couple got together with their relatives, including Margo’s sister Meena, to break the heartbreaking news.

Margo remembers Meena giving us the lovely gift of having her hold the baby for us at that point. I was stunned and unable to express myself. I just gave her a bear embrace as I started crying. We shall always be grateful to her for her bravery and selflessness. Meena and Margo grew up as sisters after Meena was adopted by Margo’s parents when she was a teenager. She supported the couple throughout their pregnancy and experienced their loss with them. After Olivier passed away, Meena, an educational assistant, said: “I wanted to ask them to be a surrogate, but it is too early to talk about that. At the time, I considered acting as their spokesperson. I anticipated that it would be awesome and I really wanted to do it for them. Some time later, when our family got together for the summer, Margo informed us that she had had another miscarriage. She was devastated and felt hopeless.

While doing the dishes, I ran into her in the kitchen, and we struck up a nice sisterly conversation. I made a proposal to represent her, and that was how it all began. Before it was successful, the three of them endured three rounds of IVF for a total cost of $50,000 (£31,000). Ian and I went on vacation to Mexico while Meena was pregnant in order to spend time together and give my sister the privacy she required. We are at ease, joyful, and flexible.

Miracles transpired just how I had expected them to. Somehow, Meena and I both became pregnant at the same time. We had no idea that this was even conceivable. Meena reveals, “I really had a dream that Margo and I were together before all of this happened were standing by the Christmas tree with our bellies pregnant.

Then Margo called me and told me my dream had come true. She is also pregnant. We are both very excited, excited and happy. I feel grateful to have been a part of their journey. The couple are now happier than ever with ‘double rainbow babies’.

Margo adds: ‘Austin is very relaxed, comfortable and gentle, while Sofia is very alert, active and sociable. They get along very well and are best friends. It has been an incredible journey and we couldn’t be happier with our little ones. We’ve always wanted to have children, and so it feels like all our dreams have come true.’

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