An Extremely Emotional Surrogate Birth In Pictures

After Gwenna wed her husband Joe, they immediately started trying for a child. That didn’t go as planned, she said to BabyCentre. Hopeful was contemplating adoption when her sister-in-law Lorraine offered to be a surrogate. Over the course of the next six years, she tried everything to get pregnant, including Clomid with IUI, Femara with IUI, injections with IUI, and multiple cycles of IVF. Gwenna says, “I’m mentally complete.” Frozen embryos were used to create Cullan Patrick. Although the couple were thrilled to have a healthy kid, Gwenna acknowledges that she is constantly thinking about giving her son a brother.

She was well aware of how difficult this command was. She acknowledged that asking God for another blessing feels arrogant given how challenging it was to receive the first one. She added that she also had a brother and sister: “Without them, I’m not sure how I would live. I want my son to have that.” When Gwenna was 37 years old, she started injecting IVF four years later with the goal of freezing her healthy embryos. Gwenna informed me this interesting fact about her work as an obstetrics and gynecology sonographer: “I am aware that AMA is for those over 35. (advanced maternal age). Your chance of having birth abnormalities will rise. go up”. Either act now or never. And then a phone call brought about fate’s intervention from her friend of 11 years, Emily, also a sonographer. “She knows about my battles with infertility and also the extent to which we went to have a son.”

“The calls from Emily and my sister-in-law… Never will I forget them. Panic, elation, irrational dread, worry that they won’t survive, shock. Emily She wished to accomplish this for me. She wanted to do it after deliberating with her husband. Her first three pregnancies were rather simple and uneventful. She thoroughly adored being pregnant. and she wanted to assist me, so my husband and I sat together with Emily and her husband Chris to talk about the logistics. Then everything began when I had six embryos. The newborns from the fall collection have been frozen. infants of high quality. We start the procedure in January of the next year.

Emily was pregnant by March. One of the two embryos we transplanted was preserved. The best way to handle it, Gwenna said, “Somehow we managed to keep the gender undisclosed.” It’s out of Sarah’s hands, she adds, how can two sonographers keep the baby’s gender a secret! Gwenna said about being in the delivery room when Paxton was born “We shared the same obstetrician-gynecologist, Emily and I. At the doctor’s office, we worked as ultrasound techs as well. There was a relationship. The delivery was significantly improved by having Dr. Costa there. She is aware of the situation. She is aware of what that implies. She values deliveries a lot.”

She said, ” “She probably wanted Joe and I to be as active as possible. She permitted me to deliver as a result. My umbilical cord was severed. I engaged in skin-to-skin.” About Emily, Gwenna said: “She assisted me in a way that I was unable to. Completely selfless and kind. Many people talk about being kind to others or feeling bad. What about a few of the world’s issues? These are only words, not deeds. Due to Emily’s initiative, the world was changed. Make it my world. My hubby is my everything.” The world of my son. my household’s world. However, it doesn’t matter. She performed all of it while grinning.” Sarah spoke to BabyCentre and said: “It’s one of my favorite births births. The emotions of that day were raw and humbling.” She said that everyone cried, herself included.

“I usually stay calm and smile for their joy. But this time it’s different! Even the doctor cried!” Sarah recalls one particular moment: “When Dr. Costa asked the expectant mother for the second time if she wanted to have a baby, her face lit up. At this point they didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl. She had to let her know. Tell it to everyone! It’s a BOY! Laughter and excitement filled the room. Not a single tear in the room. Not a single face that didn’t smile!”

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