Mum’s Joy As Premature 70Million-To-1 ‘Rainbow Baby Quads’ Turn Three

Carla Crozier understands what Corrie Winter’s mother, Gemma Winter, is going through as she tries to deal with the attention her extremity condition is receiving from millions of viewers. And when her four children celebrated their third birthday, she was about to experience a tornado of happiness, tears, and weariness. Carla’s four daughters were all born 12 weeks early, much like Gemma’s kids. However, unlike Dolly-Rose Campbell’s character, mother Corrie, Carla was the product of a last-ditch IVF attempt with her husband Paul to give birth to daughter Darcie, now 6 years old, a younger sister.

And the couple outperformed the 70 million to one ratio by having two sets of girls who are identical to one another. Since their birth in March 2017, the young world record-breakers have been covered by The Sunday Mirror. Isla, Demi, and the twins Alyse and Milla were all given rainbow-colored outfits by Carla for their birthdays on Friday. The same way she does every year to remember the two pregnancies she lost while trying for a second Darcie, who was also born through IVF, in 2015. Quads might not be as sweet as they appear, though. Carla, 37, who manages potty training, tantrums, and teething, says, “They fight over anything.”

“If a person sits too close, they will fight.

“Paul and I sleep an average of two hours when they are teething. Really hard.

“I burst into tears and reminded myself what I had. Last year, Paul struggled with constant noise and tantrums. He was put on antidepressants. Now he has more patience.”

Gemma in Corrie denies having postpartum depression, but Carla, who claims that friends and family’s pledges of support “never come true,” is now a consultant for the organization Multiple Milestones, which aids parents of triplets and quadruplets. It can be isolating and intimidating, but reaching out can help, said Carla of Grays, Essex.

She and Paul have accomplished numerous life milestones, such as the kids completing kindergarten and potty training, which has saved them £50 on 140 diapers every week. Carla has been isolating herself from her cubs, so the girls’ birthdays feel weird. “I make cakes and we play games.

“Thank goodness we have a garden,” she said.

“Seeing rainbow children at the age of three makes me so proud.”

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