Teen Girl Who Thought She Had Constipation Gives Birth in Bedroom And Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

A youngster who misdiagnosed stomach aches as constipation gave birth by herself in her bedroom and found she was pregnant. Last year, while Niomi Thomas was attending daycare, she began to have back and stomach pain. Thinking it was either constipation or period pain, she took some medicines. Although she could hardly stand the following morning due to her excruciating discomfort, as she laid in bed, she suddenly felt the urge to push and give birth to her daughter Talia Thomas. The 18-year-old claimed it was a “shattering revelation” because she had no symptoms throughout her pregnancy, used the birth control pill every day, and was still on her period. She had no idea she was pregnant.

Niomi is telling women who have had confusing pregnancies that they are “not alone” nine months after her unplanned birth. Images captured by Niomi show her two weeks prior to giving birth with no indication of a belly, and then images of baby Talia covered in a towel in her bedroom shortly after birth.

Says Niomi “Before giving birth, I was unaware that I was expecting. It was a very bizarre and unexpected discovery. It seems a little ridiculous because typically you get puffy, your menstruation stops, you get morning sickness, and a ton of other things, but I actually don’t.” I’ve always had erratic periods, and since that’s how I’ve always had my periods, I just assumed that was normal had them for a few years now. I haven’t felt any difference. I just know that I’ve gained a little bit of weight and am obviously pretty upset about it but I don’t think it’s pregnancy because it doesn’t seem like it’s pregnancy weight

“I went home when I reached the point where I was unable to continue working. It got worse during the course of the night, and now as I look back, it was clearly labor. I initially believed it to be constipation because everyone—including my mother, my neighbor, and operator 111—said it was most likely constipation. I believed it to be the end because I believed I was on my period. You’ll be alright, don’t worry about it, I assured my mother. I was unable to move after 30 minutes. As I texted my mother from my room, I was being who I truly am. She advised me to take pain medication because I was feeling well. “I lay in bed and just glanced out the window, trying to concentrate on something else, then,” Niomi added.

“It was obviously very painful and very scary because I was so confused about what was happening because I had never felt such pain before. I had a strong urge to push and then I did. I felt so relieved and thought ‘oh, that’s great. the pain is gone’ and I turned around and was like ‘oh my god, I’ve got a baby. I was so shocked, it really felt like it wasn’t real. Now this is a lovely shocking story but it’s heartbreaking to just see a baby in bed without knowing it was coming.” The full-time mom gave birth to 7lbs 3oz daughter Talia just before midday. Niomi said she was 38 or 39 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to baby Talia and suspects she went into labor for more than 12 hours.

The young girl called her mother as soon as she gave birth, pleaded with her father to assist, and dialed for an ambulance before being carried for five days to Kingston Hospital in Surrey. Even though little Talia, who is now nine months old, is in perfect health, Niomi claimed she drank roughly four cups of iced coffee per day and an average of three drinks each week while she was pregnant.

Holding her in the hospital was similar to thinking, “Oh, I’m truly a mom now and I have a newborn daughter that I have to take care of. Simply said, it was a very wonderful time. It’s with my friends. a sensation that they could tell I wasn’t feeling well because I wasn’t at work and we both discussed our location.

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