Mom Defies The Odds And Gives Birth To Rare Quadruplets

Charlie and Katie Ferraro always desired a sizable family. So when they learned that they were expecting quadruplets to be born naturally, it was as though their fantasy had already materialized. The couple will eventually have a family of seven since they already have a 1-year-old daughter named Molly. They are on the moon, but they still have some worries. Due to potential medical issues like a higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities and a pregnancy that won’t last, Katie, 37, is at a high risk of getting pregnant.

At Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns in San Diego, Katie will undergo a scheduled cesarean section if she is 34 weeks pregnant. But, the group also devised a strategy to guarantee that deliveries were always safe because woman could go into labor before due date. The couple is concerned and uncertain about the health of their unborn child, though. Katie shared some of her ideas in the video, including: Will they experience health issues? What kind of surgery are they going to require? How much time will they spend in the newborn ICU?

Katie said: ‘Expecting four babies with possible problems, you pray for the best, but realistically speaking, it may not be as beautiful and wonderful as you expect it to be.”

Finally, the day has come when Katie and Charlie will meet their four puppies, and much to their surprise, they will learn the gender. At 34 weeks, Katie was finally pregnant, so the couple headed to the hospital and started making plans for a cesarean section. For each baby in the room, separate medical teams are gathered. Having several children is risky, says Dr. Joanna Adamczak, and there’s still a chance that Katie herself may have a problem in addition to the babies. Compared to having a single child or twins, the uterus is substantially larger, and bleeding is more likely. When she gazed around, the mother appeared to take a big breath. That day was when they had been eagerly waiting for.

Baby “A” was born first. It was really healthy, much to everyone’s delight! 1.84 kilograms was Charlie Albert’s birthweight. Then there is infant B, Little Claire Bonaventure, who is 1.87 kg in weight. Henry Cornelius, also a boy and weighing 1.42 kg, is Baby C. Baby D’s name is Dillon Christopher, and he weighs 1.46 kg. A minute separated the births of the four babies, but more importantly, they are all healthy!

All were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit, where they were accompanied by kind staff. Katie and Charlie were overjoyed, and within a month they were able to bring them home. The Ferraro family already had seven members, but they didn’t want to stop there, and in March of the following year the couple had twins, Gus and Hannah. Katie and Charlie have always wanted a big family, and that’s exactly what they got. Watch the video below for their emotional adventures as they prepare to have a quadruplet.

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