The Mother Gave Birth At The Age Of 56 Even Though She Entered Menopause At The Age Of 50

Although she had reached menopause at the age of 50, actress, singer, dancer, and stage producer Claudia claimed last year that she was pregnant on her own at the age of 55. The 8.6 million people who follow Claudia Raia on social media in Brazil have been informed that she has given birth to her son Luca, whom she conceived naturally after failing to conceive in a test tube using previously stored eggs. According to her, even the physicians did not think she was pregnant without the aid of science, therefore her pregnancy was referred to as a miracle.

“We succeeded. For our family, the world has a new hue since I was born. We are overflowing with joy and love! Hi, Luca!” Happy mother posted on Instagram. She has two adult children from one of her prior marriages in addition to Luca, who is her third kid. He is the couple’s first child. Although being advised she had entered menopause at age 50, Raia claimed she made the decision to store her eggs at the age of 48. They made the decision to do IVF in 2021, but it was unsuccessful. She thought, “That shouldn’t have occurred,” as the embryos developed.

Several commenters didn’t think twice to make fun of her appearance, saying she looked more like her child’s grandma than his mother. Afterwards, she spoke candidly about the criticism she had faced for being pregnant at such an elderly age, urging her detractors to “be more sensitive”.

There are countless ways to be a mother, and none of them depend on your age. Although being over 50 is a significant barrier in my case, it is important to keep in mind that there are thousands of different types of families and motherhood in existence today. We must stop judging mothers or placing restrictions on them. Each person handles this experience differently.

“Let people have children whenever and wherever they want. Letting women get pregnant when they feel ready to get pregnant, of course, it’s very rare to get pregnant at that age, but it does happen,” she says.

Since then, they have eagerly awaited the birth of their first child together, even sharing videos of the baby’s nursery on Instagram and posing for the cover of Casa Vogue Brasil.

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