Touching Moment Of Mom Holding Her 350-Gram Preemie For The First Time

Angela and Michael Bakker were ecstatic to learn they were having a girl. All they ever desired was the idea of starting a family and creating memories. However, Angela’s 15-week preterm birth put that dream in jeopardy. Their young daughter, Naomi Joy, has a low chance of survival because she is only 25 weeks pregnant. However the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit team at Renown Regional Medical Center fought valiantly to keep Naomi secure and in the appropriate setting. Angela and Michael were finally able to hold their precious child after two arduous weeks.

One of the most significant experiences a newborn can have is skin-to-skin contact. But for more than two weeks, Naomi was kept in an incubator enclosed in a plastic ball, with only mild touches from her parents. Kangaroo care, or such skin-to-skin contact, is regarded to considerably aid the development of premature infants. Naomi needed to be removed from the balloon by the NICU staff so that her parents could carry her.

She was born weighing less than half a kilogram, but is deemed capable of doing the task. Eight nurses made sure Naomi was safely transported to Angel’s chest, and the procedure went very smoothly. As Angela held her adorable daughter in her arms, her face burst with excitement. She watched in awe as the medical staff worked around her, but when she was finally able to hug her daughter after much waiting, she started to shine.

Luckily, Angela and Michael were able to hold their daughter during her 128-day hospital stay. Thanks to the constant and quality care of the staff at the hospital as well as the diligence of her parents, Naomi is now a healthy and happy little girl.

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