Heartwarming Photos Of Journey Rare Natural Triplets In The World

Parents can carry a lot of hard work just by watching their children grin with clarity. Happiness is simple. This is a unique instance of naturally occurring triplets without medical assistance. It is hoped that the photo collection will serve as motivation for parents of young children, especially those raising triplets, to keep going on the difficult journey of raising kids. Also extremely sweet is this. The moment Tom and Jackie Ochenkowski learned they were expecting, they were overjoyed and eager to share the news with their daughter Brooke.

Jackie learned that they were on a buy-three-get-one-free offer, however, during the 8th week ultrasound checkup. “At the time, Tom had just begun his new business and they were busy building their new home,” recalls Connecticut-based photographer JoAnn Marrero. While Tom works nonstop so they can move into their new house before the baby is delivered, Jackie goes to the doctor by herself for an ultrasound scan of her eight-week pregnancy. Jackie noticed something strange about the ultrasound technician’s facial expression during the appointment. When the doctor informed her that she was giving birth to identical spontaneous triplets, an incredibly uncommon incidence, she was horrified.

Jackie needed to be hospitalized under the supervision of a specialist at 25 weeks, before the possibility of having two amniotic fluid but only one placenta. Jackie underwent a caesarean section on May 18, 2016, at 32 weeks, to give birth to her three daughters, Aubrey, Bailey, and Charlotte. Each infant has a weight of 3 pounds and lives for two to three months. Jackie has taken a sweet and loving picture shoot that lets everyone dream and admire her happiness as a mother to capture that challenging but joyful period. The hardest part at the time, according to Marrero, was for Jackie to leave her 2-year-old daughter Brooke at home. Although Baby Brook misses her mother terribly, she is terrified to visit her because of her body is full of electric wires. In the end, she still understood and got used to it.” The babies go home within a few days and weeks together.

Jackie’s first time holding all three infants was captured by Marrero. To honor their first birthday a year later, she offered to serve. A few months later, she continued to photograph Charlotte, Bailey, and Aubrey. The couple also expressed their joy and gratitude to everyone who assisted with caring for the infants. The mother of four has been warned by many that she will be difficult and unable to travel since she must continue to care for the little children, but Jackie has shown them all wrong. She is still able to leave the house and always bring the kids with her.

Jackie’s is especially proud of her husband because outside of work, her husband is always devoted to her taking care of the children. They even scrambled to take care of the children so that mother and daughter could have some alone time. Now that the children are stronger, both can breathe a sigh of relief even though they still know that there are still many challenges and difficulties waiting ahead.

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