Couple Welcomes Three Sets Of Twins After Fertility Issues

When Ashton made the decision to conceive for the third time, she had no idea that life would surprise her so dramatically and that she would “make it up” something that had virtually little possibility of occurring! Ashton and Eric Rawley weren’t certain they would have kids at one point. According to Ashton, 33, “it feels like everyone around us is living their dream.” “They were all parents. One pregnancy announcement followed another. We wanted it so strongly that it was incredibly difficult for us.

A Singers Glen, Virginia, couple who had been battling unexplained infertility for four years had in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2016. Ashton and Eric, both 35, welcomed twin girls, Amelia and Eloise, who are now 5 years old, after they had successfully transferred two embryos. The Rawleys had just one embryo when they made the decision to have their third child. Three children seemed like the ideal number. To their surprise, though, the embryo separates to produce Owen and Wyatt, two sets of identical twin boys. According to James Grifo, MD, PhD, head of the NYU Langone Fertility Center, there is a 1% possibility that this may occur.

The Rawleys believed they had a full family. After that, in 2021, Ashton experienced “extreme, super sickness.” Perhaps she is pregnant once more. We would have never conceived without fertility therapy, but I feel pregnant and am experiencing all my typical symptoms, says Ashton. In addition to being pregnant, Ashton was also carrying her third set of twins. Ashton said, “I still don’t believe it. A few weeks early, on March 16, Rose and Violet spent 22 days in the neonatal critical care unit gaining weight and figuring out how to eat. However, the sisters’ four other siblings are now present at home with them. I tell them it’s like riding a bicycle on fire,” Ashton said in jest.” There was complete chaos.” However, she was adamant about it way. Ashton revealed: “We feel so lucky to have three sets of twins. “They really have such a special connection. With the older ones, there were many nights where they lay in each other’s beds and whispered to each other. I would have to go in there and say, ‘Hey, it’s time for bed.’”

Dr Grifo told TODAY, a woman is not more fertile after undergoing IVF. “Although uncommon, spontaneous conception after IVF is possible. Grifo explains: “Pregnancy is simply accidental and although IVF can give you a chance, there is still a lot of randomness in the process. “It is possible to have a natural pregnancy without the intervention of assisted reproductive technologies after you have had an IVF pregnancy. Even in some cases of unexplained infertility, after giving birth to an IVF baby, couples will get pregnant on their own the next time around.”

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