18-Year-Old Girl Had NO Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth

Undoubtedly, a teen will not become pregnant until she is 5 cm dilated and in labor and has no symptoms of swelling, nausea, or cravings. Bry Blanton, an 18-year-old from South Carolina, claimed she felt her bedsheet was moist and woke up one day with a stinging sensation. She dialed her mother Jennifer Blackwell’s number, age 36, out of fear. The mom made the decision to take her daughter to the hospital as soon as she saw her.

The examination by the doctor revealed that Blanton was pregnant and in labor. The discovery came as a shock to both the expectant mother and the laboring woman because Blanton had previously taken numerous negative pregnancy tests. She doesn’t experience any other edema or pregnancy-related symptoms aside from that. After being brought to the delivery room, Bri labored for two hours before giving birth. On September 8, at 7:36 a.m., Oakleigh weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. Blanton claims that she was upset for the first four hours after giving birth before realizing what had happened. happened.

Jennifer, Bri’s mother and a branch manager for a home care provider, said: “For us, it was like going to bed expecting a baby and waking up with one.” She was eight months pregnant, wearing a bikini, with no edema, and a negative pregnancy test. We are unsure. Oakleigh, though, is a blessing. Bri’s transformation becoming a mother is very lovely. After Bri vomited during a filling summer supper, Jennifer became concerned and asked her daughter to take a pregnancy test. Bri doesn’t exhibit any signs of pregnancy and keeps up her active lifestyle of riding, fishing, and hunting.

Oakleigh is four months old now and Jennifer is proud of the mother Bri has become. “She was the best mom,” she said. “Oakleigh got us all wrapped around her little finger. Her facial expression is everything. She smiles and laughs all the time. She is a very happy girl.”

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