Baby Surgeons Viewers In Tears Over ‘Brave’ Single Mum Of Triplets At The Risk Of Losing All Three

The Baby Surgeons documentary series provides fascinating insight into the opinions of doctors and surgeons on difficult births. In the movie, a prospective 22-year-old midwife is forced to leave her position at a college after finding out she is expecting triplets. Latifah responded, when questioned about the father, “He just decided he wasn’t ready.” “My head just can’t handle it,” she stated after learning she was expecting. Viewers appreciated the young expectant mother’s bravery.

“Latifah is such a brave mother,” one spectator remarked.

”Latifah, my heart is breaking for you, everything that crosses your triad survives.”

Another wrote: “Children’s surgeon on Channel 4 makes me roll my eyes.”

Her physician added: “She is a strong woman… I respect her bravery. The doctors warned her, though, that there was a good risk the labor was premature and the baby would not be strong enough to survive. To extend the pregnancy, Latifah’s doctors suggested her to have her cervix sewn, but this was a risky treatment. She continued, saying “I was afraid” and that she had “placed all her faith in the physicians and prayed for the best” following the loss. Latifah’s mother is in Jamaica and her father has passed away, but she still has her closest friend and her mother, so I know the reality will be challenging.

After the successful surgery without breaking the water, Latifah is very grateful to her “three little princesses”. We see Latifah hugging all three of her children while she says, “I made it!” She named them Za’lahni, Ah’zari and Zeh’rai. Although currently sleeping on the sofa, Latifah looks extremely happy with her three children.

She claims that having girls has inspired her to work harder, and she now looks forward to her job in the neonatal section. She recently celebrated the first birthdays of her three daughters, and I’m proud of all of my girls since they’re all bright and contented little girls.

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