The Edinborough Native Was Always Aware She Could Become A Young Gran After Giving Birth To Her Own Daughter At 16

Once her daughter Morgan, who is now 19 years old, gave birth to baby Rox in November 2020, Rosie Morant became a grandma. The woman, who was born in Edinburgh, has always known that after having children, she would soon become a grandma. step-daughter at the age of 16, but she never imagined she would still be alive at 34. When Rosie, now 35, learned she would soon become a grandmother, she expressed conflicted emotions. I expected to constantly be younger than the majority of grandparents, but I don’t believe it will happen. I have to contact my nephew so soon, but I’m frightened and unsure of how to do it because I’m not familiar with any of the phrases. I’m not sure, but I do adore the term seduction but my daughter vetoed that idea.

“I still don’t feel comfortable being called grandma. When I hang out with Rox while taking care of him, people always assume he’s my baby. But I’m not at all surprised why they think so. Although I am very nervous about the whole thing, it has been a really great experience and I am very happy to take on such an important role in his life. my son.”

Rosie, who also has a 10-year-old son named Logan, became pregnant with Morgan when she was 15 and gave birth to him when she was 16. She claimed that the pregnancy was unexpected because of how intense it was. unplanned and unexpected. The program’s coordinator said, “My family did not offer me any support, and I was unsure of what I should do. I was in a really dysfunctional relationship that ended before I found out I was pregnant. I did, however, choose to keep the child and go it alone. Being a young, single mother is challenging for me because I am only a teenager. Even there, at the school where a group of young moms established a nursery for their children, I continued my studies.

We got incredibly connected and candid with Morgan as she grew up. Rather than being mother and daughter, we are sisters. She didn’t want to make the same error I did, so we spoke extensively about her life and the kids who weren’t in the spotlight. Rosie acknowledged feeling sad when her daughter told her she was expecting because she was aware of the struggles women faced when trying to conceive. Nonetheless, Rosie is aware of how challenging it is to go through life alone and does not want her daughter to experience loneliness.

I’m not happy, but at least Morgan knows she can talk to me, she remarked. Since I’ve been there, I know how to help her. I’ve actually experienced that.

Being a young lady has its upsides because I’m healthy and active and able to run after Rox and help. I also love being involved because my daughter is still very young so I want her to live her life and I can take care of her when she needs to. It’s crazy that I have a grandchild while some of my friends just had their first. But I would love to take on this role because I haven’t had a baby for a long time so I can still remember everything. It’s been weird watching my daughter become a mom, but she’s amazing. She is very natural and not as nervous or clumsy as most first-time mothers.

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