At The Age Of 51, She Gave Birth To Twins And Is Raising Them Alone

Many women aspire to have children, but by no means all, and motherhood is a crucial stage in a woman’s life. Sometimes the path is more complicated than one could anticipate. There are several accounts of women who are unable to conceive and are forced to seek medical attention or consider adoption. Australian woman Manda Epton, 54, is living proof that you should never give up on your goals and aspirations. In particular, Manda learned when he was just 11 years old that the percentage still in another state was relatively little.

The 54-year-old woman has spent more than 47,000 euros on in vitro fertilization since she has learned that not all medical advise on abortion or adoption is effective. The British woman, who had gone through three miscarriages, finally realized her dream when she gave birth to two stunning twins at the age of 51. Her tale gained popularity. Manda got a call from a doctor in December 2017 that turned her entire world upside down. “He contacted me and announced that I would soon become a mommy. I wept and laughed at the same moment, she remarked.

Manda reports that her battle with infertility led to the delivery of twins in August 2018. “I thank God for them, and I cherish them. It’s not easy to get pregnant at 51, but I strive to spend every bit of my life with the two of them, Manda chuckles. “The initial five months are challenging. I continued passing out and went unconscious. Thankfully, my daughters arrived in good health.

She revealed that she didn’t have a partner but she got the girls with the help of a donor because as she said, she didn’t have time to find a man who would support her. “I know I am not young and it is difficult for anyone to agree to have a child for him at my age. I have savings and decided to spend it on I.V.F,” she concluded.

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