Woman Unaware Of Pregnancy Rushes To Hospital And Gives Birth To Triplets

North America claimed she had no idea she was expecting; when she got at the hospital, she was 4 cm dilated and in labor. The American woman from Sturgis, Dannette Glitz, was unaware of her pregnancy. She experienced excruciating back pain and went to the emergency room in Denver, USA. She initially believed it to be a kidney stone, but she ultimately gave birth to not one, but three children.

According to Dannette, she experienced no pain during her pregnancy and wasn’t even able to feel the babies move. “I felt like a kidney stone till my back started giving me great agony. I struggled to get out of bed as the discomfort lingered and worsened. Breathing aches,” she stated. According to the notion, Mrs. My was astonished to learn she was 34 weeks along with triplets when she arrived. “Natural triplet pregnancies are extremely rare, much alone many pregnancies. who has been 34 weeks and is unaware of it,” she continued.

She had dilated 4 cm when she underwent an obstetrician’s examination. I was then transported to a maternity hospital in an ambulance. Although there, the dilatation was 6 cm, which was insufficient for a natural birth. Danette underwent C-sei after being transported into the operating room. The babies were born healthy, based on the information posted on their website. Blaze, Gypsi, and Nikki are the names of two girls and a boy.

“Yesterday I was a mother of two. I woke up today as a mother of five,” she recalls. The babies were healthy despite the fact that Danette drank alcohol during pregnancy and endured heavy things.

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