A Young Mother Gives Birth Unexpectedly While Camping

After a previous cesarean section, Kaylee Wilson experienced a crazy pregnancy and a free birth. Her homebirth midwife decided to do a caesarean during her last pregnancy because she was past the normal 42-week mark. She was moved to a hospital and forced to have an induction, which fortunately resulted in a caesarean section.

She regained ownership of her body during this pregnancy and asserted her parental and birth rights. Her waters began to leak at 42+1. She then went through 6 days of early labor and 30 or so hours of involuntary рn before giving birth to her son.

If you look closely, you can tell that her baby boy was asynclitic since his head was molded to the side when he was born. This could be one of the causes of the ‘longer’ labor (not that there is a normal labor) and the early involuntary рin. Your body will request assistance with an involuntary pn if the contraction isn’t strong enough to rotate the baby on its own.

This birth story demonstrates the importance of patience and faith. Many healthcare professionals and institutions would have terminated this labor before the baby was ready to be born in labors like this one. But it’s clear that all labors like this merely require time for the mother and child to cooperate, and in the end they will discover

The most protective thing this mother could have done for herself and her child was to give birth naturally. Because of all the out-of-the-ordinary events she underwent, I can say with certainty that if her birth had not been a freebirth, she would have had a repeat cesarean.

She was with her husband the entire time, and her three daughters, as well as her mother and an unlicensed midwife, were all present to witness the birth. Outside of their house, in a field surrounded by the beauty of nature, the baby was born.

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