Ispiratio Milestoe : The Boy With Half A Head Two Years Of Triumph

Little Jackson Emmett Buell was born with anencephaly, a rare condition in which the brain, black bones, and soft tissues are all absent to some extent.

When the child was still in the womb, a diagnosis was made. His parents, Brittany and Brandon Buell, were informed about their son’s disease following an ultrasound, but they vehemently refused the idea of an abortion. Nara was frequently told by the doctors that there was a very slim possibility that the baby would survive birth and that he could die at any time. Jackson’s parents chose to retain the child, nevertheless.

Anencephaly is regarded as a life-threatening condition. The majority of unwell newborns pass away before they are even born, and the remainder pass away shortly after birth or in the first few weeks of life. Stephanie Keenne, who lived for two years and 174 days, was the lone exception. Baby Jackson, however, has a good chance of surpassing this record because, in 2016, despite the doctors’ depressing forecasts, he celebrated his second birthday in the latter days of August.

This is largely due to the baby’s parents, who took charge of their son’s welfare in spite of countless requests to have an abortion or abandon a helpless infant.

Brandon posted on Facebook, “Many people said Jackson would not live to see a year, but today we are still together, and we are celebrating our child’s second birthday.” The baby’s father is certain that his son’s second birthday would not have occurred if it weren’t for their amazing love and care. Daily anxiety attacks cause the baby’s growth and weight gain to slow down, yet they do not cease entirely; the baby is still growing and has even grown golden curls.

Every day, Brandon and Brittany pray to God for the ability to spend as much time as possible with the infant and share in the many stages of his existence.

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