15 Classy And Beautiful Royal Girl Names For Your Baby

Since your daughter is the princess of the family, you must give her a name that suits her. As a result, we have listed several royal girl names that might work for your daughter. The names of queens and princesses served as the inspiration for the majority of the names on this list. They are elegant and exude an air of aristocracy. Even if some of them are traditional names, people still use them because of their significance and heritage. Read on to learn how to name your daughter appropriately.


The vintage-sounding name was held by King Stephen’s mother, Adela of Normandy. Adela, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘serene’ is an unusual take on the popular name Adele.


Albertine is a German name for girls. It’s said to be the feminine form of Albert and means ‘noble’ or ‘intelligent’. The name was borne by Albertine Agnes of Nassau, the daughter of Dutch ruler Frederick Henry.


Alexandra has a serious royal pedigree. Alexandra of Denmark, the great-grandmother of the present British Queen, was the first royal lady to bear this name. It is a Greek name and the feminine form of Alexander, meaning ‘defender of men’.


Alice, meaning ‘of a noble kind,’ may bring to mind the famous Wonderland adventurer, but it was also the name of Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter, who went on to become the Princess of Hesse.


The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. This is one of the most beautiful royal baby girl names meaning ‘resurrection,’ which made it totally appropriate for the princess considering the Russian history.


Anne is a tried and true royal favorite. It was the name of the two wives of Henry the VIII and four other queens of England. Anne is a Hebrew name meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.


Beatrice, meaning ‘Bringer of joy’ in Latin, had a resurgence in popularity, thanks to Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice.


Princess Berenice was the ruler of the Roman province of Judea between BC39 and AD92. Berenice is a beautiful Greek name, meaning ‘one who brings victory’. You can even spell the name as Bernice.


This pretty and feminine name has some of the most famous royal associations. It is the name of Prince Charles’ wife, and the daughter of King George III. The meaning of Camilla is ‘free born’.


Caroline is another extremely popular name from the echelons of royal history. It is an Italian name meaning ‘strong’.


History has seen six royal ladies named Catherine, including Catherine Middleton, the present Duchess of Cambridge and Catherine of Aragon, whose wedding with Henry VIII sparked the Protestant Reformation. Catherine is a French name meaning ‘pure’ or ‘clear’.


Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa, became the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Albert II. Charlene is a variation of Charles, which means ‘full grown, a freeman’.


Charlotte, a gracefully regal name is the female form of Charles. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, is the current famous bearer of this name. It means ‘strong and virile’ or ‘vigorous’.


The name Christina is of Greek origin and means ‘Anointed’ or ‘follower of Christ’. Christina, also spelled Kristina, was the moniker given to the Queen of Sweden and Princess Christina of the Netherlands.


There have been several famous bearers of the royal courts with the name Clementine, such as Clementine of Orleans and Princess Clementine of Belgium. This pretty, classic, yet uncommon name means ‘mild and gentle’. It is also the name of a hybrid orange fruit.

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