These Powerful Photos Show 9-Year-Old Boy Helping His Mom Through Labor

In these really trying times, not much can shake us. One of them shows a youngster assisting his mother during labor in a photograph. Hollie Lou, a woman from Ohio in the United States, needed the support and inspiration of those around her when she became a mother for the third time last year. Along with her 9-year-old son Charlie, who has been with her mother and supported her during labor, she is accompanied by an outstanding team of medical professionals. Even throughout the birth, he helped the doctors.

The decision to have her son be by her side throughout the birth, according to Hollie, was all his. Boys are rarely given the chance to engage in such activities. My son offered to stay with me while I gave delivery, and since breastfeeding and giving birth are entirely natural processes, I accepted. I don’t want them to lose this opportunity since there is so much to learn when a baby is born, said Hollie, who also has a son who is two years younger than Charlie. They watched a variety of birth-related videos together, and the woman claimed that at this time she was already preparing for the boy. Charlie even attended a class to prepare for birth, which gave him a greater understanding of how his mother’s body functions through during labor. Basically, Charlie has taken the place of a doula, becoming a real support not only for his mother but also for his newborn sister.

Although it is obvious that a 9-year-old cannot have professional training or actual expertise in birth care, Hollie’s elder son’s emotional support is focused to supporting her through the most challenging parts of labor. When Hollie’s labor was particularly difficult, having Charlie by her side gave her confidence. Between contractions, his calm and soft touch helped me restore my composure. For a supporting role, both of our sons invested a lot of time in preparation.

Charlie plays the role very naturally. My sons have applied for a small reproductive education class I teach to prepare them mentally for the birth. Having the people I care about the most cheering me on during the hardest time I’ve ever had is exactly what I needed to get through it. His presence helps remind me that I’ve done this before and that I can do it again.”

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