Woman Goes Into Labor Midflight, Special Delivery Baby At 30,000 Feet

The mother said she wasn’t due for another month, but didn’t stop her from going into labor while in the air. This is a flight a mother will never forget. Liliana Castaneda Avilia gave birth to a baby girl after giving birth on a flight to Atlanta on November 14. Avilia, who said she wouldn’t be due until December 23, was on her way back from a family visit in Mexico when she started having menstrual cramps, prompting a nurse on the plane to help.

He said, “Yes, a baby girl is on the way. It’s headed this way. I kept those contractions going for about three hours and thirty minutes on the way here because he warned me not to try to push because if you do, the baby will come out, Avilia told CNN. When they could, firefighters hurried onto the aircraft after being called to the airport’s gate. Juanetta Nash and the other Atlanta Firefighters were preparing at the gate when they were back on the ground. Firefighter Nash recalled, “We knew there was an emergency and we knew everyone was a nervous wreck. The jet was moving extraordinarily quickly, faster than usual.”

One of those people is the baby’s father, he said he was very worried and nervou for both mother and child. “We knew what we were doing, we wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible, just put ourselves in her shoes, we knew she was very uncombortable,” Avilia told Firefighter. helped the midwife deliver a baby named Analia Acevedo Castaneda .

“They said, ‘OK, are you ready to push?’ I said, ‘Yes, I’m ready to push.’ So I pushed only once and the baby girl cried out. When she finished delivering, one of the flight attendants picked up the microphone and she could say, ‘Hey, we have a baby girl,’ and everyone started clapping,” Nash said.

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