Woman Gives Birth 24 Hours After Discovering She Is Pregnant

When Molly Gilbert, 25, of Trowell, Nottinghamshire, discovered she was pregnant, she was completely unaware of what would happen in the following 24 hours. Gilbert found out she was pregnant on September 7, claiming she had “no symptoms, wasn’t sick or anything,” and the next day she went into labor, giving birth to baby Beau on September 9. Since she has been unwell for a while, Molly is understood to have been seeing a doctor at Royal Derby Hospital.

She said, “I have been going back to my doctor since the end of March because my weight has fluctuated, it has been many years, but the last few months have been markedly different.

“I was checked for lymphedema and fat edema because they just thought it was water retention or something like that. They checked for diabetes, thyroid and the like but said it wasn’t. Then there’s a little bit of ‘we really don’t know what’s wrong with you so we’ll just ignore the situation’, so I’m just really trying to say that there’s definitely something wrong with me, I don’t’ feel unwell, she added.

She had a number of tests on September 5 and the results showed that her liver was unhealthy and that her iron levels were low.

I thought I at least had an explanation for what was going on, but then they phoned me back an hour later and said, “Yes, we have the rest of the blood results, and you get pregnant,” she recalled.

Molly saw a midwife on the suggestion of her doctors, who booked blood tests and CT scans for the next week. She reasoned that she would have at least a few weeks to plan and get ready since she had recently out she was expecting. She was shocked when, though, she went into labor the following day.

“I started working as usual the next day, my mom was nearby so I went to see her for lunch at Costco, and my water broke,” she recalls.

“My mother called an ambulance and they took me in.

You are having a baby boy and it is coming soon. I was like oh no, this can’t be happening,” she concluded.

“I’ve been really lucky, I’ve had a lot of people who wanted to give me things that thought I wouldn’t have at all.

“I have no symptoms, no sickness or anything, it’s just like weight gain but not like a bump.”

She added: ‘I don’t have any movement, my placenta in front acts like a cushion so I can’t even feel him.

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