Two Life-Saving Operations To Rewire Her Arteries Are Performed On A Baby Girl Who Was Born With A “Back-To-Front” Heart; The First Was Performed When She Was Just Three Hours Old.

Chloe Bennett’s congenital heart abnormality was discovered while she was still in the womb. A baby girl who was born with a “heart forward” needed two life-saving surgeries, with the first one being done when the kid was just three hours old.

Her mother Stephanie Bennett learned during an ultrasound at 20 weeks that her child had a transposition of the great arteries (TGA). The main blood veins of the heart are damaged improperly as a result of this potentially fatal condition, preventing oxygen from reaching all parts of the body. The baby’s only hope of life was surgery, and the 37-year-old mother was informed that the child would struggle to breathe once she was born. Three hours after her birth, Chloe was rushed to the operating room for her first surgery to aid in her breathing. After sixteen days, the newborn had another procedure as doctors attempted to reconnect her heart.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I learned that my baby’s heart had a problem. They asserted that she wouldn’t be able to breathe on her own when she was born because of the way her heart was positioned. For her, I dreaded the worse. In the first 16 days, she underwent two major surgeries and four general anesthesia treatments. But a week after her open heart surgery, I was permitted to bring her home. Despite being told she could need to stay in the hospital for up to a month, Mrs. Bennett and her husband Charlie were eventually permitted to take their baby daughter home seven days after her critical open heart surgery. After everything she has been through, I can’t believe we are finally home

Despite the scar, it’s incredible how healthy she is now considering what she’s been through. Chloe underwent her first operation while I was getting a blood transfusion. Charlie runs between the two of us because he is unsure of who to be with. After inserting a catheter through her navel, they inflated a balloon inside her heart and then extracted it. Through the hole this made in her heart, oxygen and blood were able to mix to keep her alive until her big surgery.

She once had 45 holes in her body at once, according to my count. Additionally, she developed necrotizing enterocolitis, which required two postponements of the procedure. A third session was scheduled as Chloe was recovering from a potentially fatal virus, but doctors warned her parents she might not show up. Chloe had general anesthesia on June 15 in order to reattach her heart.

Her mother said, “It was the longest day of my life.” To wait for her to leave was disturbing. But the physicians were able to reattach her because of their extraordinary abilities. Chloe, my young daughter, found it difficult to move on from it. After 48 hours, I was able to regain her in my arms. That is the finest news ever. Now that she is doing well, her siblings enjoy spending time with her. Her stitches have now completely healed, but she still has a scar the size of my index finger. She is the happiest baby ever since she never moans and constantly grins.

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