Tracey Britten, 50, With Her ‘Miracle’ Babies After Becoming The UK’s Oldest Mother Of Quadruplets

I’m grateful, Ms. Tracey, of London, said. I’m eager to get them home. When the babies were delivered via caesarean section at 31 weeks last month, the 50-year-old made history by becoming Britain’s oldest mother of four. The care area, where the special squirrels are kept alive by breathing tubes and fluids, was where three girls and a boy were taken. With three adult children and eight grandchildren, Tracey said: “I am so grateful. It was a whirlwind. One of the four was covered with so many tubes that I couldn’t make out her face. The infants are still separated and each is attached to a different machine.

“I only intended to have one child, but I was fortunate enough to have four,” she continued. That is a miracle. I didn’t realize we were making history. I was told that they are simply insurmountable at my age.

Tracey was informed that they would not be permitted to leave the hospital until January 2, which was her original due date, after giving birth on October 26. But since everyone is doing so well, I dare to hope that they can spend Christmas together at her three-bedroom home. “I can’t wait to bring them home and start sticking with my unique joy,” Tracey exclaimed. After spending £7,000 on IVF at a facility in Cyprus, Tracey was discovered to be four-quarters pregnant in September, according to The Sun. Nevertheless, on October 19, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, physicians discovered one baby was having blood flow issues and cautioned that it could endanger the other three. Upon admission to University College London Hospital, Tracey underwent an epic medical operation began.

Amazingly, there were 35 paramedics present. They are everything I owe. On October 26, at 10:03 a.m., a girl with dark hair and a weight of 2 lbs 20 oz was born. She is a “baby girl” who “doesn’t stop kicking,” according to her mother. A minute after the first identical twin was delivered, the second twin, who weighed 1lb 15oz and was called “a tiny warrior,” arrived. The first two infants were removed so fast that Tracey was unable to see them. The strongest of all the hungry ladies, quad three was born at 10:05 am and weighed 2 lbs 7 oz. The brothers in the final trio and quartet gave birth at 10:07 am, weighing 3 pounds, 10 ounces. Tracey said he’s “very chubby and looks massive compared to the others,” adding: “He’s very happy.” The quads are all very sharp. Each baby was immediately taken away and placed in an incubator.

When they took Tracey to visit her children in the ICU, she had been in the recovery room until 11:30 p.m. They were all moved to a different hospital in London. Due to digestive issues, the second quad spent last night in the incubator. Three people are breathing on their own, according to Tracey, who was permitted to return home a week ago. The names for the babies are still up in the air for Tracey and her roofer husband Stephen, who do not live together. With her first spouse, she now has three children who are 32, 31 and 22 years old. She met Stephen two years after they split up in 2003.

In April, she took a plane to the UK Kolan IVF Clinic in Cyprus, informing her friends that she was going on vacation. She implanted up to four eggs – fertilized with Stephen’s sperm. One stopped growing, but another split to create twins.

Tracey disregarded the advise of her doctors to deliberately abort two fetuses in order to offer the other two a chance of survival. She remarked, “It was a trying period. I was informed that I wouldn’t be pregnant for another 28 weeks. I believed I would have a shot if I could make it to 28 to 30 weeks. The power within me was what made it happen. I had no other thoughts in my head since I was so motivated.

People can be vicious, but I only care about my four lovely children, my incredible gifts of love and joy, not what others say. “Nobody attacks Mick Jagger or Elton John when they become fathers in their 60s, 70s, so why would anyone attack me at 50,” she added in response to the criticism.

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