These Viral Photos Capture The Beauty Of Home Birth And The Strength Of Women

Although giving birth is a messy, difficult, and terrible process, it also demonstrates a woman’s beauty and strength, which makes you proud to be a female. Early in March, birth photographer Vanessa Mendez caught mother Vanessa DeCosta giving birth to daughter Indigo June at home. She then posted the unposed, unvarnished, and motivational photos to Facebook. As they highlight the natural beauty of labor and the incredible power that moms have, these photographs spread like wildfire over the world, receiving more than 376,000 shares.

Mendez’s customer Vanessa called her early on March 11 to let her know that she was going into labor for her second kid.

Vanessa put her spouse to sleep and set up the phone in the bathroom since she knew her husband, a student in the US Army’s Physician Assistant School, had a crucial microbiological exam the following day. As quietly as she could, she entered the water, but soon she was unable to remain silent.

Josiah, her husband, and the rest of the home birth team—midwife Vanessa’s Desiree, certified nurse midwife Nikki McIver-Brown, and her birth photographer Mendez—all awoke shortly after and hurried to the restroom.

As the expectant mother’s body is prepared, she is transported from the bedroom floor back to the bathroom, and then to the birthing pool.

Vanessa wrote in her birth memoir, “I remember thinking I was going to rip the doorframe because I was gripping on so tight. When the pool was prepared, Vanessa and her husband entered. The young, attractive mother noticed her baby’s head a few contractions later.

The baby’s head was “NOW, not coming back to my body but just… sitting there,” she wrote. A few contractions later, she looked down and saw it. While it hurts, I’m happy to see it, she said. She immediately pushed the infant aside and, as instructed by the midwife, removed the infant from her body.

The story generated rave reviews on Facebook, with one user, Linda Lopez, saying: “Wow, this is phenomenal and breathtaking. It’s so beautiful to see these amazing photos of mankind. I am just moved, I continue to roll my tears with so much love and amazement watching these moments captured frame by frame. beautiful.”

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