Things Every Mother Stops Doing When She Has A Baby

When you reach the age of marriage, when you get married you will have a whole new life with when you were with your parents. Then you become a mother, a new turning point in life. It changes you, your family and every member of your family. Each turning point will have different levels of emotions, mixed joy and happiness. But only motherhood gives much greater meaning to your life. Some changes are good, some changes I wish I could still change. They are there for a reason, some for no reason at all. But I certainly stopped doing many things after the birth of my first child. All priorities always put the child at the center. Here are some things to do when you have your first baby.

1.I’m not the same rock star that everyone once knew.

My home used to sound like a dance floor at one point. Every piece of music, whether classical or modern, erupts from the stereo as I cook or clean the house. My lifeblood has always been music. I will be billed in that manner.

to the time following delivery. Typical loud noises will be reduced to calming murmurs so as not to wake the infant. More than just music, kid-friendly posters have taken the place of photographs of my favorite rock stars and musicians. The mother’s fate is what you may have guessed. She will soon have to put an end to her Madonna-like demeanor and any flirting she does with other women because she adores her new kid.

2.I put my fork down after one.

You did hear correctly. After giving birth, I was unable to finish my entire course meal. I became so accustomed to missing meals, much alone eating them on time, that it started to interfere with my schedule. My appetite was declining. Even though I needed to consume more to make up for the nutrients I had lost, I was eating less than usual. I appreciate the vitamins that may have been helpful to me (which were also pretty sparsely used, though).

3.I no longer attend movies.

Predictably, Fridays used to be reserved for movie outings. No one forbids you from viewing a movie while your child is so young since it usually sleeps in there. But the thought of bringing this little creature into a space with hundreds of people who were breathing stale air repulsed me. After a few more months of waiting, my infant grew into a toddler who was unable to sit still for long periods of time and was always nagging me to let him walk down the aisle or look at anything more interesting.

I had hoped that the 3D Jungle Book would draw some interest, but my youngster preferred to see things that were more realistic, and the magic only briefly worked with Kung Fu Panda as well.

4.I Stopped Looking After Myself

I will be surprised if a mother of a toddler and a primary school goer can come up flawlessly to you in her beautifully draped saree and stilettos, her hair French-braided neatly. How on earth did she have the time to wear those matching accessories and that lipstick! I would rather stick to a universal color and hairdo that would go with just about anything because I know I will have to slip out at any given time, no matter how I look.

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