Things That Mothers Always Have To Go Through During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is divided into many stages, and each stage has a different importance. All fetal development requires medical care, which is an integral part of maternal and fetal health care. However, all priorities are always focused on the baby. How is the baby developing, is it correct and sufficient for the gestational age? Something that a woman values ​​more than herself. However, sometimes things can get so difficult for a pregnant woman that completing common household chores can seem like a chore. With all the efforts that the mother has gone through, let’s review.

1.Take part in normal traffic

Most mothers who get pregnant naturally will always find out when they are 3 to 4 weeks pregnant. And if they receive medical intervention, they will be more proactive than days before they know the results. First of all, congratulations because everyone has been promoted to motherhood, a noble title. If you are still able to actively participate in traffic during pregnancy, it means that you are healthy and your baby is also developing very well. But we should also be honest, because traffic is very complicated and hides many dangers that we can’t anticipate.

2.Wear your favorite clothes

When I started to know that I was going to be a mother, the favorite clothes, the high heels I used to wear. Will be replaced by comfortable clothes, and sports shoes or sandals. It’s not that I don’t want to be as gorgeous as before. But I worry about you, afraid that my previous body clothes will make you uncomfortable, or high shoes will not be safe when I am carrying you in me. Just like that is enough to know how I sacrificed the beauty that I have built for you for many years.

3.Sudden weight gain

The mother’s body is now taking on the responsibility of raising two people. And the need to eat will also increase over time. So when the pregnancy is large, and the amount of food demand is high, it means that your weight and body will also change. Your limbs will look bigger, your body parts will also increase in size. But that’s okay, as long as the baby is healthy, I’ll still see that I’m fine.


Children with leg cramps during pregnancy are increasing. Many times it appears even in sleep, when you are sleeping very soundly. But don’t worry, it’s a normal pregnancy phenomenon. Fathers, please help your wife massage at such times. Let her be pain free and feel very loved.

5.Getting items is gradually difficult

At 20 weeks or more, the thing that you bend over to grab something, or tie your shoelaces is a simple thing that you used to do in the old days. It will gradually become difficult for you, when bending down, the upper body weight will press on your abdomen, making you feel pain and difficult to breathe. At such times, ask your husband or loved ones for help.

Overcoming the difficulties of 9 months and 10 days, my mother tried very hard. Remember that it’s an accomplishment to be proud of, not an obligation to do so. Give them praise or comfort for what they are bringing and doing.

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