These Photos Capture The Most Tender Moments Of Mom Giving Birth To Her 7th Child

Monet the lovely pregnancy photographs of Nicole. Monet Nicole has several years of expertise as a photographer and professional midwife. Her Instagram site showcases stunning images of home births, water births, natural births, and cesarean sections. She has attended hundreds of births.

Her photographs stand out because they accurately capture the pristine beauty of childbirth and highlight each feeling that the mother and father experience at that precise moment. But she frequently shares her ideas and experiences on her Instagram site.

In one of her most recent posts, she wrote about a mother’s 7th birth. Monet was also present at the birth of the family’s fifth and sixth children and, as she said, once again recognized the fact that no two births are alike.

Having a kid, whether it’s your first or your seventh, is a wonderful journey filled with anticipation and longing, with effort and joy. I was one of the first maternity photographers to work with this family, and I’m thrilled to be capturing the birth of my fifth, sixth, and now seventh child with them. Like many other mothers with many children, she went to the midwifery center when she knew she was about to go into labor.

I believe it gets tougher to recognize the warning signs the more kids you have. You just need to be aware that the baby is close by because it could happen at any time or on any day. It can be stressful to have to wait, but you simply need to be aware of how quickly it will go when the time comes. She completed the task. The baby was born shortly after she arrived at the hospital facility. More or less immediately after we all arrived.

I love these pictures because this baby could easily be their first baby. The same joy, the same love and the same fear accompany families welcoming their first child. It’s divine all the time.

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