Couple Speak Of Joy After Having Identical Triplets At Odds Of Up To 200 Million To One

When Alex and Amy Lindsay went in for a 12-week appointment expecting to see a baby but instead learned that three infants were on the way, they experienced “total disbelief.” Elijah, 4, and Zion, 2, were already members of the couple, who are now the proud parents of five baby boys. According to estimates that range from 1/60,000 to 1/200 million, identical triplets are extremely unlikely to occur. After 35 weeks of pregnancy, Amy gave birth to Abel, Asher, and Azariah in July at the Royal Sunderland Hospital. “I feel quite fortunate. Despite the high s pregnancies, they all had excellent weight gains.

In contrast, it became really challenging toward the conclusion of my pregnancy. I just sat down because it was difficult enough to get dressed. Although they are excellent infants, feeding time poses the greatest difficulty when you have three infants that need to be fed simultaneously. I supplement breastfeeding kids with bottle feeding, which also enables me to receive assistance from Alex and my mother, according to the woman. There is always a risk when you have triplets, but they are all in excellent health and weight, said hubby Alex.

Azariah weighed 5 lb 11, Asher 5 lb 12, and Abel 6 lb. Amy, 31, remembers her from her initial CT scan appointment and continues, “Alex stated he could see quite a lot of movement on the shot. That’s when the sonographer asked if the family had a history of twins and revealed that there were two babies.

We have two young sons, so I’m trying to remain cool because this is already a big thing. You can hear the sonographer gasp at that point even through the mask. The pair from Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, initially worried that “something gone wrong. I was extremely emotional at the time. With two boys under the age of four, and the intention that this would be our last, I questioned how we would manage. I kept asking myself, “How can I hold them and feed them with only two arms? Amy threw in.

Alex, 33, added: “I remember telling my mother-in-law and she thought we were joking. She won’t believe us until we show her the scan. But we feel lucky. We are lucky to live in a detached house with four bedrooms, but space is an issue. We had to move the dining table and chairs to make more room. My friends keep joking that when the boys get older, we can form our own team of five.”

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