These Award-Winning Photos Show The Intense Beauty Of The Birth Process

Despite the fact that birth is as natural as it gets (we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for it), the subject remains taboo. However, a resource for birth photographers named “Birth Becomes Her” tries to shine a light on the topic by holding an annual birth photography contest.

The founders, Monet Moutrie and Jennifer Mason launched the photo contest back in 2016 after being convinced that birth photography is some of the most powerful documentary photography in our world and this incredible maternity photo work deserves to be showcased. “We hope that these stunning pictures help dispel fear,” Mason added.

Despite the fact that their initial goal was to spotlight breastfeeding images during World Breastfeeding Week in 2016, it quickly grew into a birth photo contest.

Even though they only had a couple of hundred submissions in the first year, the contest grew and received well over 1,200 amazing photos from all over the world this year. Now scroll down below and check this year’s best photos.

3rd place, postpartum

3rd place, black and white

3rd place, out of hospital

2nd place, postpartum

2nd place, black and white

1st place, postpartum

1st place, black and white

1st place, out of hospital

3rd place overall

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