The Woman Welcomed Her 4 Children After Brain Surgery A Few Months Ago

For those who are and are married, becoming a parent is a great, sacred act. Most parents will experience the shock of their lives when they learn they are having quadruplets. But after hearing the wonderful news, a Texas couple learned something tragic. The mother of Katie Sturm learned she had a brain tumor and required surgery to have it removed.

I cried nonstop for two days after learning I had four children, Katie said KTVT. The discovery of the children as well as a seizure that resulted in a second diagnosis stunned Katie and her husband Chris. Oh my gosh, the prospect that something might happen to my wife and children is so frequent and so real at this particular moment, Chris remarked.

Katie underwent brain surgery before her sons were born in July at 32 weeks. Sturm conceived four children naturally, an estimated 1 in 700,000 births. When a woman is healthy, carrying a small being is hard enough. And Katie has just had a difficult time with her health, and now she is carrying four more children of her own. Doctors also believe she is the only woman to develop glioma while pregnant with four.

If you didn’t know she underwent brain surgery, you may assume she would be just like any other mother or woman, according to Dr. Toral Patel.” She has handled this situation better than anyone could have anticipated, and she looks absolutely stunning. She is a remarkable mother who is tough and resilient.” I guess God wouldn’t have given me four children if he didn’t want me to be with them, Katie remarked. At that moment, she just gave everything up to God.

She looks really amazing and she has coped with this better than anyone can imagine. She is extraordinary. Every mother is like that, no matter how hard it is, as long as her child is safe and healthy. No matter how difficult it is, how many challenges she tries to overcome. Katie is an image that represents all the mothers in this world, she deserves to be loved and appreciated for what she has done.

Fortunately, her pregnancy was undisturbed and the babies were born safe and healthy. After a few weeks in the NICU, the Sturm boys were able to go home to their brother Ryan. It hasn’t been a bad ride for Katie, who was told as a teenager that a health condition would make it impossible for her to have a biological child. But God will never do that to her, always by her side and protecting her so that she can now fulfill her dream of becoming a mother like many other women.

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