A Baby Girl Was Born To Her Mother At 28 Weeks Old On A Flight While The Plane Was At 42,000ft (12,800m)

A Turkish Airlines staff was surprised to discover that they had an extra passenger on board. Surprise, there was a baby girl delivered at 42,000 feet (12,800 meters) when a woman entered the cabin in the middle of the trip. Additionally, no one can predict when a baby will be born, thus their appearance is always a surprise. similar to the infant on this flight.

The mother was traveling on Turkish Airlines flight TK538 from Conakry (Guinea) to Ouagadougou at the time she was 28 weeks pregnant (Burkina Faso). She felt discomfort as soon as the jet took off. Every day there are more contractions. The crew members observed her and realized that she was about to give delivery. The flight attendant gave a rapid response and immediately assisted her in giving birth while in flight. Nafi Diaby, the mother, was assigned a row of seats, and the flight attendants made a special effort to make her as comfortable as they could. And for a safe delivery to occur for both mother and child, but on a plane at a very high altitude rather than at a hospital or on the ground.

The delivery was successful after much effort on the part of the mother and the team. The woman was supine when they successfully delivered a baby girl named Kadiju. One of the flight attendants who assisted Nafi in giving delivery, Bouthayna Inanr, said: “The woman gave birth while standing, and we had assistance from some other passengers. Thankfully, mother and kid are in good health and are excited to welcome this little angel who showed up out of the blue.

Bouthayna Inanir, a flight attendant, continued, “The woman was outstanding. The infant then sat down on the chair. The hardest thing is this. I must hold the infant. She was my gift to my mother. After the delivery went smoothly, the plane made a routine arrival in Ouagadougou, where the mother and child were transferred right away to be under the care of medical professionals. So far, both are said to be in good health.

The airline shared the good news on Twitter on Friday, showing the flight attendants posing with the baby wrapped in a gray blanket. “Welcome aboard the princess!” Turkish Airlines captioned a collage on Twitter, which featured a plane acting as a stork to give birth to a baby girl. “Applause for our crew!”

The airline said the passengers were pregnant from 28 weeks onwards. When participating in any flight, a doctor’s approval is required, that the mother is in good health to have a safe flight. To avoid situations beyond the help of the whole crew, to happen unexpected things for passengers.

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