The Woman Gave Birth To Quadruplets And Became The Mother Of Six

In January of this year, Victoria and Alexei Markovichi unexpectedly became the center of attention. All due to the sudden delivery of four kids by Victoria, a charming young woman from Volgograd! A quadruplet birth only occurs once every tens of thousands of births. Such tales are at once inspiring, hilarious, and horrifying. How do you live, have a baby, and raise four children? How do the two slightly older sisters feel about the four new boys? How does raising six children at the age of 27 feel?

“I’ve always imagined having two, maybe three children. We have two girls, ages seven and two. We discussed having a third child because my husband was so anxious to have a son, and I became pregnant right away. We are positive it is a boy. However, it ended up being four guys at once,” Victoria said.

The initial screening proved every presumption. I see you have a bunch of infants there, the doctor said in jest. Perhaps search for the sixth one. I must now adjust to the concept that four children will suddenly join the family.

At 29 weeks, I was in the hospital when my labor began unexpectedly. I was brought into the birthing room. My major objective that night was to survive until daybreak. You must, after all, wait until the complete medical staff reports for duty. I was born. There are not enough doctors working the hospital’s night shift. Every baby has its own brigade, she continued.

With the help of 30 doctors, the baby was born. Every birth will be handled safely. They range in weight from 900 grams to 1490 grams for the heaviest. The infants were placed right away in an incubator, which is specialized machinery designed to maintain the required amounts of oxygen, humidity, and temperature. The brothers were then placed in heated beds one by one. They are currently being gradually moved into standard kennels.

They will have a good team! We already imagined with our neighbors in the ward how the quadruplets would go to kindergarten together in one group. They would study together in the same class. This mother will need strength, a lot of strength, in order to raise and put her six children on their feet.

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