Dad Claims NHS Refused To Operate On Newborn’s Huge Forehead Birthmark As ‘She Won’t Be Bullied Until Secondary School’

On her forehead, young Vienna Brookshaw was born on April 6 with a congenital big melanocytic mole, a rare type of mole that contains a significant buildup of benign pigment cells. little. With their infant, Daniel Brookshaw and Celine Casey, 24, were taken to Leeds St James University Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where they claim surgeons gave counterarguments.

If their kid has to deal with vicious bullies throughout her youth and even runs the risk of getting the disease, Celine worries that one day she would wonder “why didn’t she do something.” It is believed that the malignancy from the huge tumor on the forehead will spread. After being compelled to start a GoFundMe campaign, they have already earned $14.922 for her private care at Portland Hospital in London in just three days, thanks to a generous donor’s $2,000 donation.

Daniel, from York, North Yorkshire, said: “We only saw [the birthmark] when she was born, which was a huge shock to us and the midwives didn’t know what it was either. We panicked.

They recommended we consult a pediatric surgeon at Leeds St James University Hospital, and he basically told us he wouldn’t even consider operating on her till she was old enough. a teenager, to have her own voice. “We also spoke with a dermatologist, who said that from his personal perspective, he wouldn’t touch it and would dump it completely. since it isn’t harmful to her health and isn’t cancer right now, but it could develop into cancer.

If we allowed her to go to school with that, there would be a significant psychological impact. Our main focus is that. We believe that her mental health was not taken into account. This applies to Vienna. a joyful, vivacious one-month-old. She is so stunning. She now has a distinct personality. Your child will start to realize that he is different from other children when he is three, four, or five years old and begins to understand everything.

Vienna’s parents contend that while believing they could have noticed the benign tumor-like development on their own, the sonographer never informed them of it during any of their ultrasounds. image of his ultrasound. Since Vienna’s ‘black, thick’ mole is likely to get worse as she gets older, her parents are rushing to get her treated.

We want to find the best because that’s her face. It is hoped that they will begin treatment for the first time around 10 months of age.

Daniel and Celine, who share a son named Lukas, are now hoping that specialty physician David Dunaway at Portland Hospital will cure Vienna, but only after an initial MRI, three operations, and associated procedures. Another organization will be charged £14,632.

We had to spend £3,300 for the MRI, and now we’re attempting to raise more than £11,000, according to Daniel. Total Warrior is being done by Celine, myself, and a few other friends. A 6K run with mud, ice, and fire obstacles is being held in an effort to raise money. Hopefully it will begin in the following eight hours.

Celine said: “As a mother, I want her first day of school to be like any other child. I want her to be happy and no one will comment on her face. I don’t want her to grow up. over and tell us ‘why don’t you do something’ and blame us, when we can do something about it.

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