The Natural Beauty Of Birth On The Beach

A woman has given birth to her first child on a beach close to the water with the help of her doctor, in what she describes as a “natural and ecological birth.” Maria Luna, posted a video of her amazing birth on social media and talked about how she prepared for the unusual labor and delivery.

This is a day that not only me, but many other mothers have been waiting for. The day I saw my beloved baby born in the healthiest way. But what was surprising and interesting was, my baby was born naturally, and in a place we didn’t expect. It’s a beach, and with the help of a doctor.

We lead a natural, physiological, ecological life filled with wonderful companionship, great details provided by God, and the ability to dream. We won’t dispute that there were unfavorable ideas while waiting. And in Christ Jesus, the peace of God, which transcends all comprehension, will keep watch over your heart and mind.

Although the days before that were all rainy days, thinking about the moment when work will be the first time to live, we do not cease to believe or to conceive the force of life. All evil ideas gradually melt away. Most importantly, we knelt every night to seek God’s will in accordance with His plan for this new baby. They were very, very thoroughly designed and every possible scenario was taken into account. A birth plan was created and distributed to a group of experts in human labor. Variables recorded and identified by the parents that have been reviewed for viability include the weather, the length of the process, a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy infant.

There is no denying that events will happen, but fortunately everything will flow according to the perfect plan. Baby Amelia was born at 10:15 a.m. on July 16 on the beach, to Maria’s husband Raul Ramirez.

After sharing the birth process on social networks. The videos have garnered thousands of likes and comments, with many praising Maria’s strength and determination. However, there are still people who worry about how safe it is to give birth on the beach. But everything was safe, the baby was born healthy with everyone’s support. Welcome to my parents, we love you little angel.

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