Student Gets Shock Of Her Life After Going To The Toilet And Giving Birth To Surprise Baby

Twenty-year-old Jess Davis, who gave birth unexpectedly, ascribed her stomach symptoms to her period. Bristol-based history and politics student who has no tummy and no telltale signs of pregnancy. She didn’t realize that she hadn’t had a period in a while because her cycles were often inconsistent. After bringing her baby Freddie Oliver Davis into the world on June 11 at 4:45 pm and weighing 5lbs 5oz, Jess is now adjusting to motherhood. The young mother, who is currently enrolled in her second year of study at the University of Southampton, claims: “Sometimes I feel queasy, but I’ve begun a new prescription so I just blame it on my new medication.”

The worst shock of my life came when my baby was born; at first, I believed I was dreaming. It wasn’t until I heard him weep that I realized what had happened. I instantly realized that I needed to mature right away. It makes sense that Jess initially claimed to be utterly surprised. She said: “Now I am extremely happy. It took a bit to get over the initial shock, adjust, and remain with him. He was the hippest youngster ever. In the hospital room, he was referred to as the calm child. In June 2022, Jess woke up in excruciating agony and thought it was the beginning of her period, so she went to the neighborhood Asda to get a hot water bottle.

I could barely walk and couldn’t even lie down in bed when I got home,” she said. I was supposed to have a house party that night for my birthday the next day, so I took showers and baths to try to make myself feel better, but the pain was getting worse and worse’

Jess said she suddenly felt like going to the bathroom so she sat down and started pushing. I never thought I was having a baby – I just knew I needed to push,’ she explained. There were times when I felt like crying, but I didn’t know what it was. I just know that I need to get it out. ‘Hearing him cry and realizing what really happened was surreal.’

Liv promptly encouraged her to contact an ambulance after Jess shared a photo of her newborn kid to verify it was not a joke, despite her initial suspicion that she was making up a difficult story to get out of the upcoming evening. Baby Freddie was immediately placed in an incubator after Jess was brought to Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton. Despite joining the dramatic world, both Freddie and Jess are doing well. The doctors had projected that he would be born at 35 weeks. Liv alerted Jess’s mother that Freddie had arrived. Will you sit down, Liv said when she called her. Fortunately, Jess’s mother encouraged her and was excited to become a grandmother.

My mother is the most amazing person in the world, she always supports me and she is so happy to be a grandma!’ Jess  added.

‘Motherhood is a huge life change, but it feels so natural. The love I have for Freddie is hard to explain, but it is extraordinary. I just think about him all the time. Now, Jess is transferring to a local university to continue her education so she can be closer to home, which will make childcare easier. She said: ‘I can’t wait to see him grow up and be with him every step of the way.’

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