Pregnant Mother Gives Birth 3 Months Before Due Date And Happy Ending

There was only a 30% chance Lauren Coates’ first kid would survive if she gave birth to him or her within a week of her water breaking at 23 weeks. A mother who had given birth three months previously endured seven excruciating days of waiting to learn whether her child would live. Lauren’s pregnancy struggles began at 16 weeks when she had a kidney infection. At 20 weeks, physicians found the placenta to be “low lying,” which had started to expand and caused the water to break at 23 weeks.

When she became aware of her impending childbirth. When Lauren Coates learned that her water had burst, she was 23 weeks pregnant. Placenta previa, a disorder that causes a pregnant woman’s placenta to lie unusually low in the uterus, is what’s to blame for the issues. The placenta attaches lower in the uterus in cases of placenta previa. As a result, the cervix is partially covered by placental tissue. It may cause bleeding before, during, or after delivery. During pregnancy, uterine and placental changes can result in issues that resolve on their own. If not, a cesarean section will be used to deliver the child.

The 27-year-old was told that if the baby was born early, it would be delivered within the next seven days. If she wasn’t born that week, she’s “probably safe”. But if she arrives early, there’s only a 30% chance that the baby, Lauren’s first child, will survive. The woman in Seaham, County Durham then spent a horrible seven days waiting to see if the baby would be born. “I’m counting down the clock When 12 o’clock every night strikes, I know it’s an extra day,” she said

Lauren and Simon ordered takeout on Saturday, but Lauren was unable to eat because she was already full. Four hours later, on February 8, Alora was born, weighing 1 lb 2 oz. She has a 50% probability of surviving at birth. She was so little that it took specialized doctors about 8 hours to place a breathing tube for her. Alora has doubled her weight and is thriving seven weeks later, nevertheless. She wouldn’t have survived if not for those seven days. Because babies’ lungs don’t develop and they can’t breathe on their own if they are born prematurely, it is crucial to give them that extra week. stated Lauren.

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