See The Dad Who Became Famous For His Reaction To Holding His Rainbow Baby Caught His Son At Birth

When He Catches His Newborn Son, The Father Who Becomes Famous For His Reaction Holding His Rainbow Baby. Losing a child is something that no parent should experience. Unfortunately, it happens frequently; according to the Mayo Clinic, between 10 and 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and that only accounts for women who knew they were pregnant before miscarrying. Because of this, having a child after the previous ss requires a different level of maturity. Such was the experience of Hunter and Hope Madden, who recently welcomed the birth of their daughter after enduring protracted infertility issues and numerous miscarriages.

Try not to cry when viewing these breathtaking images; the Madden family’s birth photos are making waves on the Internet for their incredible depth of emotion. Evelyn, the couple’s “rainbow baby,” was born on March 11 and was their first kid together following their first pregnancy, according to TODAY. The new parents in the case of the Madden family. According to Hunter Madden, the couple was anxious leading up to Evelyn’s birth, and each doctor appointment was marked by “cautious trepidation and optimism” around the impending pregnancy. We were ready for the worst, Hope said, echoing her sentiments. And I believe that’s how my entire pregnancy was.

Every second we waited for the floor to cave in beneath us. All of the photographs that the photographer took at Evelyn’s birth capture the couple’s happiness and relief at finally seeing their baby girl, born alive and well. Leilani Rogers, a birth photographer in Austin, Texas One painting shows Hunter sobbing while holding his young daughter close to his naked chest. Hunter’s tattoo honoring his son, a tree with an anchor at the bottom, is visible in the picture as he fiercely embraces him.

I will never forget meeting her when she was born and the instant unconditional love I had for her. That’s what you’re seeing in those pictures, my love for Hope and our daughter,” Hunter told TODAY. “I can’t believe I’m allowed to hold such a perfect thing and I’m so grateful to finally be a father.”

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